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Pot101.US Mug

Pot 101 Mug

All of the worlds problems, Environmentally and Biologically can be Linked back to 1937 Cannabis Prohibition.
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Our planet is being Poisoned because of our flawed, Energies, Fuels, Textiles, toxic materials and massive polluting. Most could have been avoided had we used cannabis, "a virtually non toxic plant that kills toxicity, with the Most versatile Uses and growing conditions".

We could stop the DESTRUCTION of our planet and REVERSE the atmosphere and heal the soil and feed the PEOPLE, ECT. the most healthy substance known to MAN! Humans are Naturally Loving Creatures, it seems things have been backwards forever. What does make sense in our society? It only makes sense when we realize that the top officials everywhere have been paid off.

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About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,