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Time for PotMan

Courteous Cannabis and PotMan say;
"Our Religion is Peace, Love, Unity and to treat Others as I would myself".

Embrace the possibilities Utilizing the Everything Plant!

6/11/2019 - To date, there is Not One documented case of smoking pot causing lung cancer. Ever since Nixon created the D.E.A., this gov. agency claims CANNABIS has no medical value,  as categorized as a "Schedule 1" drug. This way, NO "RESEARCH" HAS BEEN ALLOWED (anywhere since 1937) into its numerous health benefits.

The U.S. government itself has conducted Research, Nixon's 1972-74 Virginia medical college tests showed Anti cancer/tumor properties, proving the DEA to be inadequate in the classification of CANNABIS.

The System Continues to Incarcerate Millions & ignore the death of Millions in need of a medicinal plant that is far safer with far less side effects than any pharmaceutical on the planet.

What comes around, goes around "Universal Cycle of Virtue".

Our world is non sustainable and Disposable without Utilizing Cannabis, it's about Time WE All Support Utilizing Hemp...,again!

"WE the People" may Unite over the countless ways the Everything Plant may be Utilized!
If anyone finds any false information on this page, please notify me a.s.a.p. so I may delete it (truth only).

Corporations own the Media, that's why few of US "See the BIG Picture" about how the corruption hurts US & creates Dysfunction and non sustainable populations.

It is Imperative that WE Utilize Cannabis for biological & planetary Stability & Sustainability. The Good News is more & more citizens are becoming Educated as Cannabis becomes Legal and as of 2018, Hemp is Legal in All 50 states!

Societal CHANGE begins with OUR perception. No other substance on Earth Heals and Helps like the CANNABIS Plant !

Why is pot education information covered up? "Cannabis Education Uncovers Our Corruption".
The only thing that makes any sense about human injustice, inhuman treatment and failed laws and Why Real Change is always elusive, is that Our "Top Officials have been Paid Off"!
People are afraid of the pot-facts because they have to Admit to themselves "We've ALL been Fooled all this time"!
Collective acknowledgement would not only Ease the blow to our egos, it would also create the UNITY we've been denied. It is tough to admit the greatest country has been infiltrated by the enemy(s) but not surprising considering our current conditions.
The Truth hurts at first, then You realize just how many ways we have been fooled or how our flawed system has negatively effected Your life. Cannabis is "KEY" for a Sustainable World.
Then You are Advocating for Sustainable Life through Utilizing Cannabis!

100 yrs. ago, the "hired hands/top officials" made Hemp/pot illegal while creating Chemical Pharmaceutical Medications (most of which are Flawed).
100 yrs, ago, feral Hemp Grew Everywhere. Wildlife ate it and Farmers utilized it. Hemp was in most peoples diets, they ingested the CBD's from farmers Eggs, Milks & Meats. The #1 Healthiest Food on Earth is Hemp Seed Hearts. Eating Fresh cannabis (hemp or not) will not get you high, but will Generate your Immune System with the most amounts of Edestin of any plant/food on Earth.
Hemp will also Purify the environment where it grows. It grows thousands of times Faster than Trees! It generates 4 times as much Oxygen, per acre as forests. Eats up C02 better than any other plant to Mitigate Global Warming. And then there's FOOD and MEDICINE! Proteins, Fiber ect., hundreds of treatments & Cures with Hemp! Hemp is Federally Legal in all 50 states!

100 yrs. ago, 1 out of 20 Americans Died from Cancers & Diseases, over time, it steadily risen to todays rate of 1 out of 2! Cancers & Diseases are mostly caused by Toxic internal or external Exposure and our Body runs out of Cannabinoids to Fight the illness, this is called "Cannabinoid Deficiency"!
You know what they say in New Hampshire, "Live Free & Healthy, or Die".
Statistics show, pot smokers live longer , healthier lives than those that have smoked nothing, so even smoking is healthy! Pot is so healthy, that although there are carcinogens, (cancerous ones) in pot, similar to tobacco, the "unique" 160 healthy "cannabinoids" reverse any harm.
To Date, there is not 1 documented case showing pot causing Lung Cancer.

PotMan & Courteous Cannabis say - The future depends on Education! This IS the most important information (biological & environmental) to Educate, the misled majority of Americans who believe what their gov. tells them about pot. Our nations decades long Drug epidemics, Hurts Everyone in our country. Pot may help 50% of withdrawals from pain pills/opiates!

Utilizing Pot would be 50,000 times better than our current system! -"They" Lied about everything, about the "Everything Plant" Help because you Care about Truth, Justice & a much Better Way! WearIt&TalkAboutPot! potman.US

Let's get this straight, in August 2021, the Senate is passing a Bill to Spend 65 Billion $ on the Internet While Our Home is on Fire?! 

The Earth is Burning Up and NOW is the Time to Plant Hemp Everywhere to Mitigate Carbon Dioxide and Replenish Our Oxygen!

Our Biggest BLOCKADE are the Biggest Corporations who Control Our Media and Also Controls the Truth about Cannabis (to protect their Profits)! 

People should stop worrying about what Others may think about Cannabis information on their social media Posts in order to Educate Each Other

We used to get the CBD's & other beneficial Cannabinoids in our Foods, such as the Meats, Eggs & Milks. Feral Hemp Grew Everywhere from pole to pole and Farmers fed it to their Livestock, in fact All Mammals have evolved Eating Hemp.

Hemp has been Eradicated from the face of the Earth because it Looks like pot and all Life and Ecosystems have become Less Healthier for that.
All mammals have Endocannabinoid Systems "ECS", and only 13% of Doctors are Educated about this. "Our ECS" Regulates Our biological activity called "Homeostasis".
The "Rig" is pharmaceuticals, Cannabis may Replace about 75% of them. Nothing Fits our bodies "Receptors" as perfectly as the cannabinoids and Better than Any Pill, western medicine can create!
100 yrs. ago, 1 out of 20 Americans Died from cancer, since then, the death rate has steadily risen to 1 out of 2! Most cancers & diseases Progress due to lack of Cannabinoids, "Cannabinoid Deficiency", because we can't keep up with demand when we are sick, usually from toxicity.
Our own bodies make Cannabinoids to maintain health. There are at least 4 cannabinoids present in mothers' breast "Milk" and also in cannabis, and Nowhere "Else" on Earth. We are actually All pot-men, women & children because of our cannabinoid physiology. We make cannabinoids identical in molecular structure as THC,it's called Amandimide.
We can be Much Healthier if we ingested cannabinoids regularly. Eating fresh cannabis, whether it's Hemp or not, does Not get you High! Hemp will Never get you high, even though Hemp is the Reason for 1937 Marijuana Prohibition. Cannabis has to "Heated" to Get High, Heat changes the molecular structure of THCA to THC.
Hemp has been Cultivated by Our Ancestors for thousands of years to make it stronger. Hemp may have Less abundant cannabinoids because of this, but it still has about the same cannabinoids, after all, all Cannabis comes from the same single Plant; "Cannabis Sativa L", and All variations are made from it, even Hemp!
We co-evolved Eating fresh Cannabis as it is best classified as a Vegetable, One of the Healthiest foods on Earth. Eating small amounts of Fresh cannabis does more for our Immune Systems "I.S." than any other food. It has the most amount of "Edistin" that Generates our I.S.'s. Also, people should know that HempHearts from seeds, are the #1 healthiest food on Earth.

For decades, the DEA has been able to get-away with it, ONLY because they NEVER allow press / public Debates or hearings to discuss, intentionally.
     They know exactly how to keep US in the dark, by not Discussing Pot, they keep US ignorant & fooled.

     The United States "Government" now  holds over 19 patents on the superior medicinal properties, and GW Pharmaceutical in the U.K. has over 33 patents - Here's your sign!
     Not only are these two countries Suppressing & Denying this health benefit, but the "Media" is also "In on It", to Fool the People. The media Lies by Not telling the whole Truth, always leaving doubt. All Media is controlled by Governments and the Biggest Corporations.
     These corporations and world governments are manipulated by the elite or 1%. Since 1937, the media & news agencies have Only been "allowed" to Report "Negative Only" information about "marijuana"! They are setting the stage to rake in Trillions when they fully establish their terms and conditions. THIS IS TYRANNY.

      For starters, overall, Pot is actually Classified as a Vegetable. The most Nutritious Plant/Vegetable there is on Earth. Between the seeds as #1 Healthiest foods and the benefits to our Immune System from small amounts of Fresh Plant, to the benefits to Our Earth, there is no doubt that WE need to Utilize once again.
     The drug war liked to say that it makes you lazy, the "Lazy Stoner" sterotype comes from the sedative nature of "Indica", 1 of 3 varieties of pot, (Indica,Sativa & RudaralusIndica strain causes sleepiness (as does pot when it ages), the sativa strain is energizing and motivates it's users. The Rudaralus is not used much at all, however recent research shows much medicinal promise.

     Short term memory loss only happens when ( while) you get high and becomes less over time. I have been smoking my entire life, my memory is Excellent and at 55 yrs. old, still re-live Memories!
     I am able to function normally, ride & race Downhill mtn. bikes, after smoking everyday for almost 40 years.   
     I started microdosing cannabis oil a few yrs ago. After the first year, I lost 20 lbs. without changing my diet and had more energy and endurance than previous years.

     Our system is Rigged, "Acetaminophen" is WHY most people don't Care OR don't Want to care about Life-Saving cannabis information. They put acetaminophen in 600 different Medications! It's in all of our Meds! Tylenol might kill your headache, but two very disturbing studies reveal that it also kills your ability to empathize with other human beings.
     It has taken decades of profound suffering from exposure to synthetic, patented chemicals to learn, without a doubt, they pose serious health risks.
     The list of well-known side effects is long, and we can now add soul-deadening properties to the list for Tylenol (known by the chemical names acetaminophen and paracetamol).

    Over-the-counter pain killers & so-called “Low-dose” aspirin, no longer considered safe enough to use for the primary prevention of cardiovascular disease and stroke, ibuprofen causing tens of thousands of deaths each year due to its recently discovered cardiotoxicity, and Tylenol’s adverse effects on the psychological constitution of humanity only just beginning to surface on top of it’s already well-established extreme toxicity to the liver.
     In a groundbreaking study four years ago, it was discovered that in addition to Tylenol’s ability to dampen pain, also has powerful psychotropic side effects highly related to human social interaction and behavior! One such effect is by dampening both the positive and negative emotional stimuli (also known as “affect flattening” in psychiatric terminology.)

     Positive empathy provides part of the “social glue” from which interpersonal bonds are built and strengthened (Morelli et al., 2015). As such, taking pleasure from the good fortune of others fosters interpersonal connection, trust, and—ultimately—prosocial behavior (Reis et al., 2010; Morelli et al., 2014; Andreychik and Migliaccio, 2015), thus providing important societal benefits. These benefits have to be viewed in the context of the number of people regularly consuming acetaminophen.
     An estimated quarter of all US American adults take a drug containing acetaminophen every week (Kaufman et al., 2002). It is thus possible that the pervasive use of acetaminophen among Americans may substantially reduce these benefits. However, there is currently no research on the relationship between acetaminophen usage and reduced prosocial behavior in the USA.

     Overall, the present research shows that acetaminophen reduces empathy for the pleasurable experiences of other people. These findings not only constitute an important step forward in our understanding of the effective mechanisms underlying the experience of positive empathy but also raise concerns about the societal impact of excessive acetaminophen consumption.  

           Our present Greenhouse effect (global warming) is caused mostly by positive carbon industrial emissions, from Manufacturing to Fuel!

      Henry Ford was way ahead of his time when he manufactured carbon Negative car parts...and then there's the 1941 Hemp Car, the world's Cleanest and Greenest Car ever made, so far, 4.7 times Better for the Earth than Today's Electric Cars!
      Henry's vision was to have families live on & Farm 5 Acres, off the grid, hardly any Pollution, and Sell the basic Plants including Hemp to all the corporations to manufacture textiles and Nearly Everything else! Ford also had 25k people running machines on hemp oil.
      Actually, Ford was Not ahead of his time, he was Right on Time! All Life on Earth suffers now from Henry Ford's "Hemp Car" being Omitted from Our History!
      Altomari Art; Fine Artist and Photographer. Created the Earth's Most Useful cartoon characters that Represent the Ultimate Prosperity, Sustainability and the Most Beneficial Health to Our Planet and All inhabitants.
      From replacing Nuclear power plants and Car Fuel to providing the Healthiest Foods on Earth. 
      All You/Anyone Need to do is Read online, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer and then Our Environmental "Picture" becomes clear!
      Jack ran for President Twice in the 1990's and so much more that we never heard about. I myself uncovered the facts about Hemp Fuel being superior to gasoline in every way and that it would only cost $200. to convert our cars to run on hemp fuel and that's just the beginning.
      WE should be paying .25 cents per Gallon of Fuel for Our cars and Growing the fuel itself, Greatly Helps Our Planet!!
      Courteous Cannabis says: Hemp Seeds are the single Healthiest Food on Earth and Also, the Best Lubricant on Earth, better than Petroleum, just Look at Henry Ford's 1941 Hemp Car ! Eating Fresh Plant flowers are the Healthiest substance/fruit or vegetable on Earth for Our Immune System. Hemp will Never get you high and regular pot will Never get you high when Eaten Fresh! What a Misled World!

      youtube   https://youtu.be/DTHUEg4njPU

      No "One thing" could Help the EARTH as much as the "Cannabis Plant"!

We need to be Educated to be aware of the Truth to be able to UNITE! Peacefully.
Help PotMan & Courteous Cannabis bring Awareness thru Art!  ~ Wear&Share4Awareness! ~
Pills kill more people than ALL illicit drugs combined. Pill Dysfunction and Social Suffering is everywhere!
There's No Man-Made, Western "MEDICINE" that FITS our Bodies Natural Receptors as precisely as the "Cannabis Cannabinoid Molecular Structure ". Modern Medicine are mostly Pills, Chemicals that Our Bodies need to Recover from (aside from masking the original illness).
Nothing beats Cannabis both Biologically & Environmentally

About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,