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4 box set of Education

Earths Most "Educational" Cannabis T-Shirt!

Advocating for Cannabis IS the Most Humanitarian Effort, period!

There's No Man-Made, Western "MEDICINE" that FITS our Bodies Natural Receptors as precisely as the "Cannabis Cannabinoid Molecular Structure ". Modern Medicine are mostly Pills, Chemicals that Our Bodies need to Recover from (aside from masking the original illness).

Cannabis Does a Body GOOD!
Cannabis Does a Planet GOOD!

We used to get the CBD's & other beneficial Cannabinoids in our Foods, such as the Meats, Eggs & Milks. Feral Hemp Grew Everywhere from pole to pole and Farmers fed it to their Livestock, in fact All Mammals have evolved Eating Hemp.

Hemp has been Eradicated from the face of the Earth because it Looks like pot and all Life and Ecosystems have become Less Healthier for that.
All mammals have Endocannabinoid Systems "ECS", and only 13% of Doctors are Educated about this. "Our ECS" Regulates Our biological activity called "Homeostasis".
The "Rig" is pharmaceuticals, Cannabis may Replace about 75% of them. Nothing Fits our bodies "Receptors" as perfectly as the cannabinoids and Better than Any Pill, western medicine can create!
100 yrs. ago, 1 out of 20 Americans Died from cancer, since then, the death rate has steadily risen to 1 out of 2! Most cancers & diseases Progress due to lack of Cannabinoids, "Cannabinoid Deficiency", because we can't keep up with demand when we are sick, usually from toxicity.
Our own bodies make Cannabinoids to maintain health. There are at least 4 cannabinoids present in mothers' breast "Milk" and also in cannabis, and Nowhere "Else" on Earth. We are actually All pot-men, women & children because of our cannabinoid physiology. We make cannabinoids identical in molecular structure as THC,it's called Amandimide.
We can be Much Healthier if we ingested cannabinoids regularly. Eating fresh cannabis, whether it's Hemp or not, does Not get you High! Hemp will Never get you high, even though Hemp is the Reason for 1937 Marijuana Prohibition. Cannabis has to "Heated" to Get High, Heat changes the molecular structure of THCA to THC.
Hemp has been Cultivated by Our Ancestors for thousands of years to make it stronger. Hemp may have Less abundant cannabinoids because of this, but it still has about the same cannabinoids, after all, all Cannabis comes from the same single Plant; "Cannabis Sativa L", and All variations are made from it, even Hemp!
We co-evolved Eating fresh Cannabis as it is best classified as a Vegetable, One of the Healthiest foods on Earth. Eating small amounts of Fresh cannabis does more for our Immune Systems "I.S." than any other food. It has the most amount of "Edistin" that Generates our I.S.'s. Also, people should know that HempHearts from seeds, are the #1 healthiest food on Earth.

With so many Variations of Cannabis, what products do we choose and how do you really know which is the right one for you?
When searching for the best hemp/cannabis product, look for labels with the ingredients and "whole formulation" listed, including "cannabinoid and terpene profiles". -- Success with cannabis depends on compassionate service from a knowledgeable advisor. The System Blames "Lack of Research, while the System is Responsible for "No Research Allowed"!  For example, THC converts to CBN over time, which is a highly effective sedative and less effective for treating conditions like pain or cancer like Fresh THC does.


Utilizing Cannabis in just about Everything, is the best way to progress as a civilization. Had we followed Ford's inventions, the Earth would Not be Heating Up so rapidly from decades of "Carbon Positive" Products, Fuels & Power Plants. Ford showed US how to make "carbon NEGATIVE" Products, more than just fuels & car parts, "Utilization" is about "Worldwide Sustainability"! It's also about how it Purifies Our Planet! It's about our Flawed Infrastructure, Medicine, Buildings, Batteries and Food and about 60,000 other product improvements.
Our problem is that Most People still don't get it. They hear a few ways which cannabis Helps us, however "if" people were properly Educated, we would all Demand Utilization. If we learned about how utilizing "was and is", our best option for a Healthy World, then we can make it happen. Our First Step is to help educate Each Other. Cannabis Cures People & Planet.

Cannabis Does a Body GOOD!
Cannabis Does a Planet GOOD!

"WE the People" may Unite over the countless ways the Everything Plant may be Utilized!
Corporations own the Media, that's why few of US "See the BIG Picture" about how the corruption hurts US & creates Dysfunction and non sustainable populations. It is Imperative that WE Utilize Cannabis for biological & planetary Stability & Sustainability. The Good News is more & more citizens are becoming Educated as Cannabis becomes Legal!
Societal CHANGE begins with OUR perception. No other substance on Earth Heals and Helps like the CANNABIS Plant !
Why is pot education information covered up? "Cannabis Education Uncovers Our Corruption".
The only thing that makes any sense about human injustice, inhuman treatment and failed laws and Why Real Change is always elusive, is that Our "Top Officials have been Paid Off"!
People are afraid of the pot-facts because they have to Admit to themselves "We've been Fooled all this time"! Collective acknowledgement would not only Ease the blow to our egos, it would also create the UNITY we've been denied. It is tough to admit the greatest country has been infiltrated by the enemy(s) but not surprising considering our current conditions.
The Truth hurts at first, then You realize just how many ways we have been fooled or how our flawed system has negatively effected Your life. Cannabis is "KEY" for a Sustainable World.
Then You are Advocating for Sustainable Life through Utilizing Cannabis!
100 yrs. ago, the "hired hands/top officials" made Hemp/pot illegal while creating Chemical Pharmaceutical Medications (most of which are Flawed).
100 yrs, ago, feral Hemp Grew Everywhere. Wildlife ate it and Farmers utilized it. Hemp was in most peoples diets, they ingested the CBD's from farmers Eggs, Milks & Meats. The #1 Healthiest Food on Earth is Hemp Seed Hearts. Eating Fresh cannabis (hemp or not) will not get you high, but will Generate your Immune System with the most amounts of Edestin of any plant/food on Earth. Hemp will also Purify the environment where it grows. It grows thousands of times Faster than Trees! It generates 4 times as much Oxygen, per acre as forests. Eat up C02 better than any other plant to Mitigate Global Warming. And then there's FOOD and MEDICINE! Proteins, Fiber ect., hundreds of treatments & Cures with Hemp! Hemp is Federally Legal in all 50 states!
100 yrs. ago, 1 out of 20 Americans Died from Cancers & Diseases, over time, it steadily risen to todays rate of 1 out of 2! Cancers & Diseases are mostly caused by Toxic internal or external Exposure and our Body runs out of Cannabinoids to Fight the illness, this is called "Cannabinoid Deficiency"!
You know what they say in New Hampshire, "Live Free & Healthy, or Die".
Statistics show, pot smokers live longer , healthier lives than those that have smoked nothing, so even smoking is healthy! Pot is so healthy, that although there are carcinogens, (cancerous ones) in pot, similar to tobacco, the "unique" 160 healthy "cannabinoids" reverse any harm. To Date, there is not 1 documented case showing pot causing Lung Cancer. PotMan & Courteous Cannabis say - The future depends on Education! This IS the most important information (biological & environmental) to Educate, the misled majority of Americans who believe what their gov. tells them about pot. Our nations current Drug epidemic is ruining our country. Pot may help 50% of withdrawals from pain pills/opiates! Utilizing Pot would be 50,000 times better than our current system! -"They" Lied about everything, about the "Everything Plant" Help because you Care about Truth, Justice & a much Better Way! WearIt&TalkAboutPot! potman.US

2019 - The "Everything Plant" got lost (about 82 years ago)! 

Best Virus Fighting Food on Earth!

cannabis=biological & environmental S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y ! ! !
The first biologic reference is how Healthy the fresh plant is to Eat (added to recipes).
Fresh Hemp or Fresh Pot (does not get u high unless it's Heated) is the Best plant (fruit or vegetable) that produces the most Edestin to generate Our Immune Systems (on Earth).
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
- enzymes (which catalyze and control biochemical reactions) Antibodies (immunoglobulins which fend off "INVADING BACTERIA, VIRUSES)- 

     Back in 1619, Americas original Jamestown colonists grew hemp and for over 200 years, they Paid their Taxes with it. Hemp was legal tender in most of the Americas from 1631 to the early 1800's. Nearly All previous Civilizations prospered by using it in many ways.

     Benjamin Franklin created USA's first Paper Mill Utilizing Cannabis. He did so to allow the American People to have a Free Colonial Press without having to justify the need for paper and books from England.  Ben found out, "Paper" from Trees, was inferior to Hemp in many ways.

    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (and all of our Forefathers) grew cannabis on their plantations. Washington famously stated; "sow the Indian hemp seed everywhere"!  Jefferson risked his own life to smuggle quality hempseeds from China. At that time, the Chinese rulers (Mandarins) valued their hemp seeds so much, that they made it a capital offense for exportation.

     Cannabis was Utilized in many ways by All of Earths greatest civilizations throughout history. The Hemp plant was the Most Important plant which supplied humans with Sustainability. These Ancient Civilizations include; the- Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, and  American Indians.  All of these cultures Prospered from Hemp, they all used it as a Food source, Medicine, Textiles, Building Materials and More.    

     For thousands of years, the Earths people by the thousands, all over the world, families and communities would gather at the Hemp fields for Harvesting. Truly, the Earths Best Natural Resource and the most Productive Plant, "Cannabis". Fast forward to the last 80 years, and Recognize how our government spearheaded international Prohibition to wipe out the Cannabis Plant entirely.

     The People have to Educate Each Other about the Everything Plant. Unity is Key for US to work Together towards Sustainability! Remember the saying, divide and conquer, well that's US right now, divided and conquered. We are living in a Dis-functional Society and "we can't recognize it because we are living it". Things could have been so much Better in many ways!

      "USA" stands for the "Greatest country on Earth". We have been the greatest, but over time, we have been sinking, and now, we won't admit we have Lost Greatness. It all makes sense if we believe the corruption (Richest Influential People - R.I.P.) has manipulated our top officials. Nearly All Media is also Owned and Manipulated by the R.I.P.

     The root word for Religion is Unity. Religion is now at a low point and what this country needs more than anything, is Unity to get "Good things Done"! That's what Americans do best when Properly Informed, "Get It Done"! 

     People "New" to consuming Cannabis, aka; pot, should use extreme caution, there are regulations for a reason. It is very Easy to get sick and feel like you're dying from just an "extra cookie".
     We co-evolved with this plant, that's why Our brain Stem won't allow a fatal Overdose. To Date, No One has ever died from Smoking Pot! Please be careful with Edibles (pot in food), they give a "more body high". Edibles are stronger than reg. pot because it's a concentrated extract, eating it takes about an hour to effect you.
     ALWAYS, I repeat, Always follow Directions! If You Eat too much, you will feel very sick for about 5 hours! Easy to do without "REGULATIONS" which provide product info. & directions. For a Person without Tollerance (Never using), it is possible to "overdose" eating just half a small cookie! Edible Overdoses that occupy hospital emergency rooms are there mostly because people Didn't Follow Directions.

The media will fill You with Fear (neg. perception) when the Truth is so exceeding of our imaginations of what Good this plant can do for  literally Everyone and Everything!

     Educate to Utilize - We Can Do This!

     We should be Utilizing the Cannabis plant in 60,000 superior ways, starting with Replacing Trees with Cannabis! "They" also took away Natural Cures and started creating Chemical Treatments; aka "medications", some of which, actually cause Harm. From 1850 to 1900 Cannabis was the 3rd most Prescribed Medicine in the US, virtually every man, woman & child used it successfully without any fear of its high. Cannabis may Replace 70% of todays medicines. 

                                         Got Cannabinoids?

     They Lied, Pot's Healthy! Wear My Art-Dialog Will Start!
Most of US are Still Misled about Pot, (thanks to the News) "fake news" is what keeps US in the dark.              The "Half Truths" are even More Misleading. Help get the Word Out, Wear: "PotMan & Courteous Cannabis"

     Advocating IS the Most Humanitarian deed for Resoring Good Health back to people & planet.
There is no greater cause than to teach Sustainability through "Utilizing the Everything Plant".
Earths population is ruining our planet ONLY because we are NOT UTILIZING Pot 60k more sustainable ways. If fully Utilized, We could double our population with the same or less Toxic Pollution while Not raping the planet of it's Precious Natural Resources.

     Our Prosperity  was intentionally taken from US because of Greed. The "ToxiChoice" was made for US in 60 thousand different non-sustainable ways!

     All of the most pressing problems of today, Environmentally and Biologically can be Linked back to 1937 Cannabis Prohibition. How? 60,000 Reasons! First of all, Alcohol & Pot Prohibition were Never about "getting High", it was really about HEMP, the Hemp plant is the Most Productive & Medicinal substance on Earth! 
    Cannabis does a better job at 60,000 uses, so that's WHY the elite/richest people have been Suppressing "Natural Energy Solutions" N.E.S. in order to Protect their interests!

    Since Nixon, the DEA has spent over a trillion dollars fighting "Mostly Pot"! Our gov. all together, has spent Trillions trying to Suppress our Knoledge of the Everything Plant.
      Dis-Information is very much alive! There are Decades of Studies along with massive amounts of Pharmaceutical & DEA "Data" about long term use. The Political Process is obviously very Broken.

     Studies are passed along in our Political System, never reaching the Light of day. One of the first medical pot studies, started on Presidents Bush Sr.'s term, only to have it Removed, along with all Cannabis information from USA's Libraries and Compendiums. Then Bush never mentions it, even though it has Positive health effects.

     Mostly unknown, underlying issues are so massively Important to all Life on Earth, that's why the majority of Americans have been Manipulated & Lied to. 

    "Stoned driving" in the News is designed to create Fear in the Majority of US. Traffic Accidents from "beginners" or the "sick from overdose", do happen, however, it is seriously just a Drop in the Bucket, a fraction, when compared to Alcohol related accidents.
     Extremely low statistics  makes the "News" instead of an actual first, recognized "PANACEA", that could Help Heal ALL of US & the Earth!  Statistics indicate "No" upswing in traffic deaths related to cannabis. Everything we were/are told about POT is a LIE!

    Medicines are just part of what Pot can do to Help our population and planet. Pharmaceutical drug interactions kill 91 people everyday. Prescription Medications, taken as directed, kills someone every 5 minutes, that's 100,000 Americans a year, altogether that's 270 Deaths per day, more than twice as many who are killed in car accidents each day.

    Prescription opioid deaths, now surpass gun-related deaths! Big Pharma is literally killing more people than GUNS! The opioid epidemic in America is killing more people than guns and the blame rests squarely on Big Pharma. Until 2007, the number of deaths by firearm was five times greater than those caused by overdoses, but in 2015 overdose deaths surpassed gun deaths for the first time and it looks like the trend will continue.

    Finally seems the federal regulations caught up to the pharmaceutical giants. Doctors have wised up and many now feel the epidemic hasn’t disappeared so much as it has evolved behind the spotlight. The normal progression is from Anxiety / Pain pills to heroin for multiple reasons; cost, more effective, easier to get, etc. Pot helps heroin withdrawals by 50% and  Helps Save Lives, states with legal pot saw 25% drop in opioid fatalities. Pot may also help with the current epidemics of crack and meth.

     The Scariest Addiction is the Pill Addiction,...silently,...slowly,...consumes   your body & soul. Population addiction to Pills is similiar in percentage as the herion addiction. One can always tell who has such addictions as in the parallel increased "Lying". The Pharm-Pill Addiction is everywhere and well hidden. Just taking a zanax or a clonapin once in a while (prescribed or not), it will only increase in use for a % of our population. They are Nearly impossible to Quit on your own. Thats the Scary part! Addicts will ultimately go to 1 of 3 places if they do not admit they need help; 1) Jails 2) Institutions & 3) Death. The Good News is that Cannabis consumption, either smoking, vaping or eating, Helps Withdrawels by 50%!

       Althoufgh research throughout the world concludes that vaping is 95% safer than smoking, Recent studies (Oct. 2020), finds problems now with all vapes. There is No tar or combustion associated with vaping as it is with smoking a regular cigarette, however there is Water interference inside the Lungs. 
      We need to Re-Educate Everybody, this society is getting "Played! The Earth and it's Inhabitants, are being Poisoned, All Needlessly! Cannabis could create SUSTAINABILITY both Biologically & Environmentally.
      Help Educate about Cannabis-Sustainability.
      I Love my country enough to want to educate in order to Fix our Governments & People, "Peacefully"...don't You?

Help PotMan & Courteous Cannabis bring Awareness thru Art!  ~ Wear&Share4Awareness! ~

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