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Cannabis Sustainability Education Uncovers the Corruption

Cannabis Sustainability Education Uncovers Our Corruption

Unfortunately Our World has been in a vicious cycle of perpetual suffering,...intentionally.



PotMan & Courteous Cannabis Don't talk about getting High, we talk about a Natural plant that was Meant to be Utilized for any Intelligent species in order to progress Sustainably and Healthily.
A plant ;
- that IS the Most Productive  Plant on Earth and Least Utilized. 50,000+ non smoking uses.
- that for the last 27+ million yrs. was part of the human diet that helped shape who we are; mind, body & spirit.
- that Humans co-evolved Eating so that it is Symbiotic, part of Our Human Physiology (we are all pot-men, women & children). 
- that contains exact molecular structures in our bodies, at least 4 cannabinoids inside Mothers breast milk but Nowhere Else on Earth except Cannabis.
- for optimal human health, Fits Human Receptors like a lock & key, better than Any Western Pharmaceutical ever invented!
- that can Replace 70% of Pharma Pills without the Side Effects.
- that Poses such a threat to Our current System, (rigged by Big Pharma)  that they are sacrificing Our Health over Profit by
Not Allowing the Endocannabinoid System to be Taught in Medical Schools for 30 Years Now!!! The most important medical discovery in the past 30 yrs. 
- has Never killed anyone from Overdose, because our brain stem won't allow a respiratory shut down as it is part of US.
- most Mammals Ate because it used to grow Everywhere & produces the Healthiest Foods. Cannabis is best classified as a Vegetable.
- has the Most Healing Abilities incl. the Most Immune System generating substance called Edisitin (more than any other plant/food on Earth)
- the Healthiest Nutrients that WE have been deprived of, found nowhere else, both from Plant and from seed. The Number 1 single-
 Healthiest Food on Earth is Hemp Seeds (Hearts).
- Farming industry would Use Less Water and No Pesticides ever needed, ever. 
- 100 yrs. ago, used as an anti-toxin, was able to keep a person alive from fatal toxic exposure.
- Replacing Petroleum fossil fuels - The Finest (greenest) Lubricant on Earth! Henry Ford created the Greenest Car in 1941, it was 4.7 times cleaner (better for our Earth) than Todays Electric cars.
- Replaces Trees - superior Paper, Wood, Pulp with Far Less processing chemicals.
- Eats up Carbon Dioxide (CO2) BETTER than any Plant and Produces over 4 Times the OXYGEN as Trees, plus Cannabis Grows thousands of times Faster.
- Replaces all kinds of Plastic that does not Harm our Earth like todays plastics that are here for tens of thousands of years leeching toxicity from petroleum additives inside.
- Replaces Lithium in Batteries, hemp is 8 times more Powerful than Lithium and of course, better for Our environment.  
- is non toxic and able to Purify the environment and allow farming on the same soil over & over (soil remediation).
- can Mitigate Global Warming if we demand it to be Utilized like it should have been.
- make Houses that DO NOT BURN & cut heating & cooling Utility Bills.
- makes Hemp-Crete, thousands of times Better than Concrete, from Performance to Environment. It also lasts thousands of years, not decades.
- should be Utilized in nearly Every man made material for Carbon Negativity, Infrastructure Sustainability, Safety, ect.  Think about this, every Car, Boat, Plane, Building, windows and nearly everything  sold
in Home Depot or Lowes, Fuel and Energy Needs across the planet,  50,000+ Superior Uses ALL while Purifying the immediate environment wich also Feeds Wildlife! 
- that Henry Ford once said; "Why Use Up Limited Natural Resources when Hemp does a Better Job".

Hemp was the Original Lamp Oil (used for lighting). INSTEAD of UTILIZING the Everything Plant, the world has Petrochemical "Oil" in nearly Everything! Hemp in Man Made materials,(Plastics, Wood, Paper, Cardboard, ect.) fuels & energies (Gas, Coal, Nuclear, Battery, ect.) creates a Sustainable World. Ford's Hemp Plastic was 12 times Stronger & Lighter than steel.  
It's Not Too Late for US to Unite for Hemp!

It's Mandatory to Educate each other about the Sustainabilty Potencial of Cannabis.
WE need to make IMPERATIVE CHANGES in order to become a SUSTAINABLE SOCIETY.

 The Reality of Our past & present Personal & Societal Pain & Suffering, has come from a system whose Top officials have turned a blind eye. As top officials around the world are "paid off", and there by adding to our corrupt & dysfunctional societies.
     The Main Problem is that people are Very Occupied with the struggles of Everyday Life and that is constantly compounded by Our disintegrating system and regulations. 
     The Populations "Think" that the Problems we are Struggling with "Now", Should take "Priority" to help improve our lives, which is true, but at what costs?
     We must Look at the Big Picture, in Order to Fix our current problems, WE must focus on "SUSTAINABILITY", that's the Answer!
     The Utilization of non toxic Hemp, by Industries to Improve EVERY Product including: Building Materials, Fuels, Foods, Energies, Plastics, Petroleum, ect., include "50,000 New (non smoking) Industries"!
     Simply put; "The Improved Quality of Everything Helps Everybody in Nearly Every Way"!

  FACT:  To date, there is Not One documented case of smoking pot causing lung cancer.

     From 1850 until 1937 Marijuana Prohibition, "cannabis / hemp (marijuana)" was the 3rd Most Prescribed Medicines in America. Every man, woman & child used it. It was Prescribed for "Over 100 different symptoms".

     Before WWII, Israel was just a city, at the end of WWII, the "Rothchilds" created a New "Country" and called it Israel.    
     Today, Israel has the Most Educated Doctors in the world! Their Dr.'s are Trained to Prescribe cannabis for "Over 100 different symptoms"...Sound Familiar? "Who" will Benefit most from this Knowledge,...the ones who Live in & "Own" the Country.

      Nobody should be Blaming "Ourselves" (humans) for Our "Dysfunction & Corruption", it Starts at the Top where the corporations Make the Rules and Our world is "The RESULT", intentional for "their" Profit & Power. 

      Some of History's Pivotal Moments are Falsely Documented by the most Corrupted, Powerful  =  Richest People on Earth (the Corruption), hence Our societal & Global situation. 
      Apparently, mankind has been manipulated throughout History, but it's Never Too Late to "Learn".  
      World Sustainability Facts are Still being Suppressed by the "worlds richest" who manipulate & control Our Politicians, Our Media and Our very Own Perceptions!

      Courteous Cannabis and PotMan are humanitarian SuperHero Educators Working to Help Protect Our Earth and All who inhabit this magnificent world,.. including You.
      Our Incredible Universe created Our Natural Planet, also providing US with a Miraculous "Plant", aka "Cannabis", that Helps People and Planet stay Healthy.

      Earth was a Beautiful planet before becoming Toxic, unfortunately the one material (plant) that would have helped this planet the most, was "outlawed" in 1937.
      Prohibition against a "Plant", has and continues to Destroy Our beautiful Home. Hemp is Key for Sustainability, especially when applied 50,000 different ways as it was meant to be just like the Universe intended.
      Our current Industries "Should be Utilizing", but instead, "go around" Hemp (for Profit), therefore producing Inferior, Flawed; Fuels, Products, Infrastructures, Environments and Planet.
      This Plant named "Cannabis" is so diverse, it can Feed the masses (Healthiest Foods) while also being the #1 source / choice in Industrial and Energy "Material", capable of sustaining and progressing any race of intelligent beings.
      The Humans who pushed 1937 Prohibition, well actually, just a "Few" of them, "Ruined Life" for everyone and everything by Suppressing the "Everything Plant" just when the populations Needed it most. 
      "Their own agendas superseded the Health of Our precious Planet and all of its inhabitants".  

      The Good News is Hemp is Legal once again! Everyone should be Utilizing it for optimal Health benefits!  Earth Needs to Grow It Like WE used to! 
      Ever since 1937 Prohibition, to Nixon creating the D.E.A.,  government agencies claim Cannabis has no medical value, as categorized as a "Schedule 1" drug, this way, NO Research IS ALLOWED (anywhere) into its  True Potencial.
      Nixons 1972-74 Virginia medical college findings, showed Anti cancer/tumor properties, proving the DEA to be inadequate in the classification of Cannabis. Holy trust-breach PotMan!

      Since prohibition, every year, the System Continues to Incarcerate Millions for possession, about 1 arrest every minute.

      Our System denies us, what Is Natural and Allows suffering populations in need of a medicinal plant that is far safer with far less side effects than any pharmaceutical on the planet.

      For decades, the DEA has Hidden The Facts about pot. They keep us ignorant by NEVER allowing the press to cover "Public Debates or Hearings" to discuss this. They know exactly how to keep US in the dark, by not Discussing Pot, that's How they get "away with it".

      The United States "Government" now holds over 19 patents on the superior medicinal properties, and GW Pharmaceutical in the U.K. has over 33 patents - Here's your sign! Not only are these two countries Suppressing & Denying this health benefit, but the "Media" is also "In on It", to keep US "UnAware". The media Lies by Not telling the whole Truth, always leaving doubt. All Media is controlled by the biggest Corporations who Profit from "Going Around the Plant" (with Flawed nearly Everything).
      These corporations and world governments are manipulated by the "elite or 1%". Since 1937, the media & news agencies heave Only been "allowed" to Report "Negative Only" information about "marijuana"! They may be setting the stage to rake in Trillions when they fully establish their terms and conditions.

     We are All "Pot-Men, Women & Children" 
     We all have "E.C.S's", as well as natural cannabinoids in our physiology! These cannabinoids are identical in molecular structure to our own.
     Our Bodies produce our own cannabinoids and are Found No Where Else on Earth, Except in the cannabis plant! Our bodies Cells & Receptors accept cannabinoids better than any Western Medicine Created (man-made)!

     Hemp grew everywhere on Earth, & Utilized for most things throughout history. It was the backbone of thriving cultures for thousands of years. Before prohibition, it was in 80% of our textiles.
     All Natural Hemp has been Eradicated because it Looks just like pot/marijuana. 

  • 100 yrs. ago, 1 out 20 Americans died from Cancer, and since 1937, cancer & disease has steadily Increased to 1 out 2 TODAY!

  • 100 yrs. ago, cannabis was Outlawed by 1937 Prohibition (using only Lies) and REPLACED with inferior, flawed Chemical Medicines, Substitutes for the natural plants.

  • 100 yrs. ago, Rockefeller discovered that Petroleum, when Ingested as medicine, "MASKS" our Symptoms, hence the Birth of "Big Pharma & Chemical Medications"!

  • 1960's Nixon creates DEA to destroy all cannabis (even in Nature) and schedules it as #1 worst drug. Covers Up the 74 Virginia Medical College study showing anti cancer & anti tumural effects.-- 1970's Gerald Ford grants big pharma exclusive rights to cannabis collecting patents on exceptional good health.

  • 1970's & 80's Evidence indicates: Reagan, Bush, Quale may have conspired with pharma, incl. Eli Lilly. Others like; Abbott Labbs, Pfizer, Smith, Kline & French, stood to lose Billions if pot were legal. - President Bush Sr. was involved with the First Medical Marijuana Study, only to have it Shut Down! He never admitted or mentioned that it Helped People with severe cancer conditions. 1981 Coptic Study proves No Harm to Human Brain or Intelligence, actually increases life span. Reagan creates "Just Say No - War on Drugs" campaign, to include Pot -"As A Drug", while saying that Marijuana is probably "the Most Dangerous Drug to America"! This Administration tried Destroying the Public record, The Reagan-Bush administration, in Sep.1983, tried to persuade All American Universities, including Compendiums in Libraries, to "Destroy All cannabis research work" (from 1966-76)!
  • 2000 Media never mentions Madrid Spains Major Scientific Break-Through Discovery that Cannabis cures Cancers. Dr. Christina Sanchez is a molecular biologist at Complutense University, Spain. She has done many studies on THC, the main psychoactive constitute of cannabis, she explains how THC kills cancer cells completely.

  • 2017  Israel has the most advanced Doctors who Prescribe Cannabis for over 100 separate symptoms,(just like America did before Prohibition) giving them the Healthiest population on Earth.

      Our Federal Government & the Supreme Court are rapidly chipping away at OUR Freedoms & Rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights. Marijuana was & still is their principal Excuse for Taking Away our guaranteed Constitutional rights, more so than for all other crimes! 

2019 - The "Everything Plant" got lost (about 82 years ago)!      

     All of Earths greatest civilizations throughout history. The Hemp plant was the Most Important plant which supplied humans with Sustainability. Ancient cultures from the; Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, and  American Indians all Prospered from Hemp. They all used it as a Food source and Medicine.


     For thousands of years, the Earths people by the thousands, all over the world, families and communities would gather at the Hemp fields for Harvesting. Truly, the Earths Best Natural Resource and the most Productive Plant, "Cannabis". Fast forward to the last 80 years, and Recognize how our government spearheaded international Prohibition to wipe out the Cannabis Plant entirely.

     The People have to Educate Each Other about the Everything Plant. Unity is Key for US to work Together towards Sustainability! Remember the saying, divide and conquer, well that's US right now, divided and conquered. We are living in a Dis-functional Society and "we can't recognize it because we are living it". Things could have been so much Better in many ways!

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