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No Stopping the Truth

Most of US are Still Misled about Pot, (thanks to the News) "fake news" is what keeps US in the dark. Help get the Word Out by Wearing "PotMan & Courteous Cannabis" Artwork.
Educational apparel that invokes Conversation. Wear my Art, Dialog will Start!

Each one of US is capable of becoming a powerful agent of Healing and Societal CHANGE, a Positive Force for the Good Health of Everyone!

Some of Our fellow Citizens are Suffering from Pill Addiction.
For some, the addiction is so Strong, they won't Admit they have a serious problem.
Pills kill more people than ALL illicit drugs combined. Pill addiction causes Suffering and Social Dysfunction everywhere!
There's No Man-Made, Western "MEDICINE" that FITS our Bodies Natural Receptors as precisely as the Cannabinoids. Modern Medicine are mostly Pills made from Chemicals that Our Bodies Also need to Recover from.


 Rush : Armor and Sword  -  https://youtu.be/TnqdDvFKBIc
"No one gets to the Heaven without a Fight".

Courteous Cannabis says:

We used to get the CBD's & other beneficial Cannabinoids in our Foods, such as the Meats, Eggs & Milks. Feral Hemp Grew Everywhere from pole to pole and Farmers fed it to their Livestock, in fact All Mammals have evolved Eating Hemp.
Hemp has been Eradicated from the face of the Earth because it Looks like pot and all Life and Ecosystems have become Less Healthier for that.
All mammals have Endocannabinoid Systems "ECS", and only 13% of Doctors are Educated about this. "Our ECS" Regulates Our biological activity called "Homeostasis".
The "Rig" is pharmaceuticals, Cannabis has the potential to Replace about 75% of them. Nothing Fits our bodies own "Receptors" as perfectly as the cannabinoids and Better than Any Pill, western medicine can create!
The rate of Cancer Deaths 100 yrs. ago was1 out of 20 among Americans, since then, the death rate has steadily risen to 1 out of 2! Most cancers & diseases Progress due to lack of Cannabinoids, "Cannabinoid Deficiency", because we can't keep up with demand when we are sick, usually from toxicity.
Our own bodies make Cannabinoids to maintain good health. There are at least 4 cannabinoids present in mothers' breast "Milk" and also in cannabis, and Nowhere "Else" on Earth. We are actually All pot-men, women & children because of our cannabinoid physiology. We make cannabinoids identical in molecular structure as THC, it's called Amandimide.
Naturally, We can be Much Healthier if we ingested cannabinoids regularly. Eating fresh cannabis, whether it's Hemp or not, does Not get you High! Hemp will Never get you high, even though Hemp is the Reason it was Outlawed! Cannabis has to "Heated" to Get High, Heat changes the molecular structure of THCA to THC.
1937 Marijuana Prohibition was Never about getting "high", it was about Getting Hemp! They made it impossible to "GROW HEMP"! Hemp has been Cultivated by Our Ancestors for thousands of years to make it stronger. Hemp may have Less abundant cannabinoids because of this, but it still has about the same cannabinoids, after all, all Cannabis comes from the same single Plant; "Cannabis Sativa L", and All variations are made from it, even Hemp!
We co-evolved Eating fresh Cannabis as it is best classified as a Vegetable, One of the Healthiest foods on Earth. Eating small amounts of Fresh cannabis does more for our Immune Systems "I.S." than any other food. It has the most amount of "Edistin" that Generates our I.S.'s. Also, people should know that HempHearts from seeds, are the #1 healthiest food on Earth.

    There are No words that could express enough, how "prohibition" causes dysfunction & suffering for everyone. We don't Recognize it because We are Living IT!  Key word = Sustainability!

     The "war on drugs" incarcerates pot users (half of all inmates), and made our society prescription dependant. Smoking Pot Never Killed Anyone and Never Will ( if it's pure). The Pill Epidemic is Hurting US All! Pills are too costly for addicts, so the Black Market/Street Drugs are Cheaper. Unfortunately, the "pill addiction epidemic" will effect nearly Every FAMILY in America.

     Cannabis has been grouped into "those drugs" giving it a false reputation of how it harms us. Not a single death ever from Smoking! The Safest form of "getting high" on Earth! Less addictive than Caffeine!  "Cannabis" is being haled, the Most Medicinal Plant on Earth!  Decades of Presidents and their wives, spewing propaganda that it's Dangerous!

    100 yrs. ago, 1 out of 20 Americans died from cancer - since then, cancer has Steadily advanced (cannabinoid deficiency) to todays rate of 1 out of 2 - the root cause of the most common cancers & diseases are created by "Cannabinoid Deficiencies"!
WearNshare LifeSaving PotInformation

  ''Cannabis'', is the only substance (cannabiniods) that perfectly fit into our bodies receptors (better than any man-made Medicine) and the E.C.S. is for homeostatic health. Only about 13% of our Doctors are educated on these profound Links to Our Physiology. It treats cancers better than any other medications, if only research was permitted over the last 80 years, we would ALL be incredibly healthy, both physically and mentally.

     Evidence indicates, cannabis may help with All Neurological Disorders. Results show that both Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the most abundant and potent cannabinoid in marijuana, and JWH-133, a non-psychotropic CB2 receptor-selective agonist, reduce tumor growth, tumor number, and the amount/severity of lung metastases in MMTV-neu mice. Histological analyses of the tumors revealed that cannabinoids inhibit cancer cell proliferation, induce cancer cell apoptosis, and impair tumor angiogenesis. Cannabinoid antitumoral action relies, at least partially, on the inhibition of the pro-tumorigenic Akt pathway. 91% of ErbB2-positive tumors express the non-psychotropic cannabinoid receptor CB2.

     We are not United because the majority DO NOT BELIEVE US when we tell them Cannabis IS THE ANSWER! Also, the "Media" could change everything in just 1 day if they Told the Truth. Knowledge is Power, the 2 most important facts in this world are: Advocating for Cannabis because it IS the MOST HUMANITARIAN & NOBEL effort one could do right now! Second, ADVOCATING for Cannabis for ENVIRONMENTAL STABILITY because it has 60,000 superior, healthier uses for our planet and ALL LIFE!

President Ronald Reagan relied on scientists to determine if smoking pot was Harmful or not. He took their word and told US that "Marijuana is the most dangerous drug to America".
The following is an excerpt from the worlds premier Cannabis Education Book; The Emperor Wears No Clothes, by Jack Herer. :

Since 1976, our federal government (e.g., NIDA, NIH, DEA*, and Action), police sponsored groups (like DARE*), and special interest groups (like PDFA*) have proclaimed to public, press, and parent groups alike that they have “absolute evidence” of the shocking negative effects of marijuana smoking.

* National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, Drug Enforcement Agency, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, Partnership for a Drug Free America. All subsequent researchers found Heath’s marijuana findings to be of no value, because carbon monoxide poisoning and other factors were totally left out.

When U.S. government sponsored research prior to 1976 indicated that cannabis was harmless or beneficial, the methodology of how each study was done was always presented in detail in the reports; e.g., read The Therapeutic Potential of Marijuana (1976) and you will see exactly what the methodology of each medical study was.

However, when our government bureaucrats deliberately sponsored negative marijuana research, time and time again Playboy magazine, NORML, High Times, etc. had to sue under the new Freedom of Information Act to find out the actual laboratory methodology these “experiments” employed.

What they found was shocking.

Dr. Heath/Tulane Study, 1974

The Hype:

Brain Damage & Dead Monkeys

In 1974, California Governor Ronald Reagan was asked about decriminalizing marijuana.

After producing the Heath/Tulane University study, the so-called “Great Communicator” proclaimed, “The most reliable scientific sources say permanent brain damage is one of the inevitable results of the use of marijuana.” (L.A. Times)

The report from Dr. Heath had concluded that Rhesus monkeys, smoking the equivalent of only 30 joints a day, began to atrophy and die after 90 days.

And ever since, dead brain cells found in monkeys who were forced to smoke marijuana has been given maximum scare play in federal booklets and government sponsored propaganda literature against pot.

Senator Eastland of Mississippi used it throughout the mid-1970s to horrify and stop national legislators from supporting NORML’s decriminalization bills in Congress, mostly sponsored by the late Senator Jacob Javitts of New York.

Reports of the study have also been distributed by the hierarchy of drug rehabilitation professionals as part of their rationalization for wanting to get kids off pot, based on supposed scientific studies. It is used to terrorize parent groups, church organizations, etc., who redistribute it still further.

Heath killed the half-dead monkeys, opened their brains, counted the dead brain cells, and then took control monkeys, who hadn’t smoked marijuana, killed them too, and counted their brain cells. The pot smoking monkeys had enormous amounts of dead brain cells as compared to the “straight” monkeys.

Ronald Reagan’s pronouncement was probably based on the fact that marijuana smoking was the only difference in the two sets of monkeys. Perhaps Reagan trusted the federal research to be real and correct. Perhaps he had other motives.

Whatever their reasons, this is what the government ballyhooed to press and PTA, who trusted the government completely.

In 1980, Playboy and NORML finally received for the first time after six years of requests and suing the government an accurate accounting of the research procedures used in the infamous report:

When NORML/Playboy hired researchers to examine the reported results against the actual methodology, they laughed.

The Facts:

Suffocation of Research Animals

As reported in Playboy, the Heath “Voodoo” Research methodology involved strapping Rhesus monkeys into a chair and pumping them with equivalent of 63 Colombian strength joints in “five minutes, through gas masks,” losing no smoke. Playboy discovered that Heath had administered 63 joints in five minutes over just three months instead of administering 30 joints per day over a one-year period as he had first reported. Heath did this, it turned out, in order to avoid having to pay an assistant’s wages every day for a full year.

The monkeys were suffocating! Three to five minutes of oxygen deprivation causes brain damage “dead brain cells.” (Red Cross Lifesaving and Water Safety Manual) With the concentration of smoke used, the monkeys were a bit like a person running the engine of a car in a locked garage for 5, 10, 15 minutes at a time every day!

The Heath Monkey study was actually a study in animal asphyxiation and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Among other things, Heath had completely (intentionally? incompetently?) omitted discussion of the carbon monoxide the monkeys inhaled.

Carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that kills brain cells, is given off by any burning object. At that smoke concentration, the monkeys were, in effect, like a person locked in a garage with the car engine left running for five, 10, 15 minutes at a time every day!

All subsequent researchers agree the findings in Heath’s experiment regarding marijuana were of no value, because carbon monoxide poisoning and other factors were totally left out and had not been considered in the report. This study and others, like Dr. Gabriel Nahas’ 1970s studies, tried to somehow connect the THC metabolites routinely found in the fatty tissue of human brains, reproductive organs, and other fatty areas of the body to the dead brain cells in the suffocated monkeys.

Now, in 1999, 17 years have passed and not a single word of Dr. Heath’s or Dr. Nahas’ research has been verified! But their studies are still hauled out by the Partnership for a Drug Free America, the Drug Enforcement Administration, city and state narcotics bureaus, plus politicians and, in virtually all public instances, held up as scientific proof of the dangers of marijuana.

This is U.S. government propaganda and disinformation at its worst! The public paid for these studies and has the right to the correct information and history being taught in our taxpayer sponsored schools.

     If You are reading this and don't believe this, then Open your mind enough to Research the FACTS. We have a Chance for U.S. to finally UNITE over the miraculous ''Everything Plant"! The wonders of what this plant can do is amazing. It has the ability to create World Peace because of the Sustainability both biologic & environmental implications for Sustainability.
     I had no idea that Cannabis is superior 60k improvements - instead of wasting precious natural resources while polluting the earth. People don't believe that man-made flawed; energies, fuels, plastics, phones, batteriers, computers, textiles, clothes, buildings, bridges, houses, farms, foods, ect. are the Environmental culprits.

     The truth is, Hemp should be Planted Everywhere to eat up the co2 and provide massive amounts of oxygen, while Purifying toxic sites. The planet is rapidly heating unlike Earths history has ever experienced & hemphelps restore our Atmosphere. Hemp should be planted everywhere to combat all of our environmental crises'. This is Unprecedented temperature rising, very bad in so many ways, it is undeniable.

     We Live in an Increasing Greenhouse effect, from The Role of Human Activity. In its Fifth Assessment Report, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, a group of 1,300 independent scientific experts from countries all over the world under the auspices of the United Nations, concluded there's a more than 95 percent probability that human activities over the past 50 years have warmed our planet.
     The industrial activities from our modern civilization has raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the last 150 years. The panel also concluded there's a better than 95 percent probability that human-produced greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide have caused much of the observed increase in Earth's temperatures over the past 50 years. The panel's full Summary for Policymakers report is available online. Read 1941 Hemp Car.

     No "One thing" could Help the EARTH as much as the "Cannabis Plant"!
We need to be Educated to be aware of the Truth to be able to UNITE! Peacefully.

Help PotMan & Courteous Cannabis bring Awareness thru Art!  ~ Wear&Share4Awareness! ~

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