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Courteous at the Capital

PotMan & Courteous say: We are all part-pot, we produce our own  endogenous indentical cannabinoids...so Physiologically speaking, "We are all PotMen, PotWomen & PotChildren" and Pot-Mammals! This substance Fits our Receptors better than Western Medicine and is nearly Indentical to Human Blood Plasma!

      Nobody should be Blaming Ourselves (humans) for Our "Dysfunction & Corruption", it Starts at the Top and is intentional for "their" Profit. 
      Some of History's Pivotal Moments are Falsely Documented by the most Corrupted, Powerful  =  Richest People on Earth (the Corruption), hence Our societal & Global situation. 
Apparently, mankind has been manipulated throughout History, but it's Never Too Late to "Learn".  
      World Sustainability Facts are Still being Suppressed by the "worlds richest" who manipulate & control Our Politicians, Our Media and Our very Own Perceptions! 

      Courteous Cannabis and PotMan are humanitarian SuperHero Educators Working to Help Protect Our Earth and All who inhabit this magnificent world,.. including You.
      Our Incredible Universe created Our Natural Planet, also providing US with a Miraculous "Plant", aka "Cannabis", that Helps People and Planet stay Healthy.

      Earth was a Beautiful planet before becoming Toxic, unfortunately the one material (plant) that would have helped this planet the most, was "outlawed" in 1937.
      Prohibition against a "Plant", has and continues to Destroy Our beautiful Home. Hemp is Key for Sustainability, especially when applied 50,000 different ways as it was meant to be just like the Universe intended.
      Our current Industries "Should be Utilizing", but instead, "go around" Hemp (for Profit), therefore producing Inferior, Flawed; Fuels, Products, Infrastructures, Environments and Planet.
      This Plant named "Cannabis" is so diverse, it can Feed the masses (Healthiest Foods) while also being the #1 source / choice in Industrial and Energy "Material", capable of sustaining and progressing any race of intelligent beings. 
      The Humans who pushed 1937 Prohibition, well actually, just a "Few" of them, "Ruined Life" for everyone and everything by Suppressing the "Everything Plant" just when the populations Needed it most. 
Their own agendas superseded the Health of Our precious Planet and all of its inhabitants.  
      The Good News is Hemp is Legal once again! Everyone should be Utilizing it for optimal Health benefits! 
Earth Needs to Grow It Like WE used to!  

Pills kill more people than ALL illicit drugs combined. Pill Dysfunction and Social Suffering is everywhere!
There's No Man-Made, Western "MEDICINE" that FITS our Bodies Natural Receptors as precisely as the "Cannabis Cannabinoid Molecular Structure ". Modern Medicine are mostly Pills, Chemicals that Our Bodies need to Recover from (aside from masking the original illness).

The (now former) C.E.O. of Wholefoods tried to sell Fresh Hemp! The most Nutritious Plant / Healthiest Vegetable is Illegal until re-classified for "RECREATIONAL"!
Eating it Fresh is Most Healthy Food for Our Immune System & "No High" if you Eat pot or hemp.
 cannabis=biological & environmental S U S T A I N A B I L I T Y ! ! !
The first biologic reference is how Healthy the fresh plant is to Eat (added to recipes).
Fresh Hemp or Fresh Pot (does not get u high unless it's Heated) is the Best plant (fruit or vegetable) that produces the most Edestin to generate Our Immune Systems (on Earth).
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
- "enzymes (which catalyze and control biochemical reactions) Antibodies (immunoglobulins which fend off "INVADING BACTERIA, VIRUSES)"-
and other pathogens, as well as toxins or antigens as they enter the body). - is a highly-digestible, hexameric legumin protein,[2][3] and a seed storage protein,[4] with a molecular weight of 50,000.[5] Edestin is a globular protein (biologically active) as opposed to fibrous protein (structural). Edestin is a biologically active protein (most similar to globulins), and biologically active proteins are metabolized and used by the human body to manufacture antibodies (immunoglobulins), hormones, haemoglobin and enzymes.[6] Though the human body can manufacture globular proteins from any protein source, it is much more efficient for the body to make globulins from locally digestible globular proteins.Edestin has the unique ability to stimulate the manufacturing process of antibodies against invasive agents[7] and contains a low aggravatory phosphor content (kidney ailments, etc.).[8]Globular proteins found in edestin (and in Alpha 1 globulins, Alpha 2 globulins, Beta globulins and Gamma globulins) are long peptide-chains, precursors for biological proteins essential for life. Edestin is similar to serum globulin (blood plasma), and the biologically active protein of edestin is metabolized in the human body and capable of biosynthesizing:[9][6]hormones (which regulate all the body processes)...

These Cannabis Nutriuents are Essential for Good Health, just ask Dr. Bob Melamede

Dr. Bob Melamede is a key cannabis advocate with doctoral degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics. His computer has 13,000 cannabis research articles on it, 1000 of which demonstrate the anti-cancer power of cannabis.
- "You can guess why he's pissed off".

Dr. Bob Melamede has absolute Proof that the System is Broken. Read what else he has to say:

There’s an interesting human condition that we all suffer from that’s known as bias. It can take one word and our brains will rapidly generate the imagery, vocabulary, and ideas behind our biases. For example: ‘stoner.’

However, that is not the reality of most people’s lives who consume cannabis. Do those types of ‘stoners’ exist? Sure, but the overwhelming majority of stoners use cannabis as a medicine, as a tool to improve their lives, and are happy, healthy, fully-functioning adults who contribute to society on a daily basis.
Consider a very interesting fellow who is widely known as Dr. Bob. Bob Melamede has a doctoral degree in biochemistry and molecular genetics. Would you expect that he also consumes enough cannabis each day to plant most consumers on their faces? Probably not, but his story is one of reality, compared to the bias of what a ‘stoner’ looks like.

Dr. Bob is an advocate for cannabis, a leader in an industry that’s long been held underground, and a man with a passion for healing with plants.  He and 13% of Americas "cannabis educated medical community"  believe the "endocannabinoid system" is of Vital Importance in our bodies for good health. He says that 'he’s always wanted to know what life is,’ and through that pursuit, he has discovered the vast importance of our endocannabinoid system (E.C.S.). He speaks to its importance within a number of our homeostatic systems:

  • Cardiovascular
  • Muscular
  • Digestion
  • Stress responses
  • And more

In his own words, he says that the endocannabinoid system is the ‘thermostat’ of our own bodies. It’s a regulatory system that ensures our bodies function correctly and responds to their environment in the same way a thermostat responds to the environment of our homes.

Of course, our endocannabinoid system creates its own version of cannabinoids, but we can find additional inputs from plants, such as Cannabis. These additional inputs have a wide variety of documented health benefits for humans, such as:

  • Pain relief
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved sleep outcomes
  • And much, much more

Perhaps the most important health benefit of cannabis, as Dr. Bob says, is it’s ‘very clear, unambiguous, Cancer-Killing Ability.’  And this is why he is so pissed.

He’s pissed because he can access, as he claims, 12,000-13,000 scientific articles on his computer in a moment’s notice—with nearly 1,000 of them pointing to the anti-cancer effects of cannabis—and still the government and pharmaceutical companies say there isn’t enough research on its efficacy.

What has him even more upset is that cannabis is still labeled as a Schedule I drug in the United States which means that it is assumed to have zero medicinal value. Furthermore, Schedule I status prevents research into its use.

So, as a man with a doctoral degree in understanding how the human body works, and years of personal and professional experience dealing with cannabis, he’s pissed that the government won’t even consider looking at letting people heal themselves with a plant instead of a lab-formulated pharmaceutical and a round of chemotherapy.

It’s easy to assume that ‘stoners’ are the simple-minded, lazy people we’ve been brainwashed to believe them to be. But, most of them are more like the people who use coffee in the morning before work and exercise in the evening before having dinner with their families. Cannabis is a plant that provides countless benefits to its consumers, and those consumers are just as productive as any other subset of people in our society.

Of course, Dr. Bob is pissed. He sees injustice in the Western world. He sees ignorance and propaganda infecting our minds. He sees people behind bars for a lifetime because they consumed an herb. And, most importantly, he sees the role of cannabis in providing people with healthy, happy lives. He sees that all one needs to do for that health and happiness is grow a plant.
Yet our bias makes us see a plant that creates lazy, thoughtless zombies of its consumers.

Trump Legalized Hemp (he was basically Forced to) in 2018!
But it did No Good AT ALL because He Said Nothing and
the Media was QUIET!
This informtion changes Everything, if only WE ALL KNEW!

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