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PotMan United

Cannabis "Sustainability May   Unite US !
Why haven't Americans "United" on "Hemp" to Improve nearly every aspect of Our World? Prosperous Healthy Populations living in a Clean Environments!
Lack of Education keeps the status-quo mainstream day after day while the Earth becomes more Toxic every second.

This is the outcome of 1937 prohibition that has developed into having control of All Media and Gov. Agencies to Allow Negative Only Information.
That's right, even N.I.D.A., No Positive Information allowed, that's Why WE are barely getting through to the Masses of Americans.
Lack of Education keeps US from improving nearly Everything.


Cannabis may Restore Balance & Harmony, Biologically & Environmentally

Here's to the new age of Utilizing Cannabis that will Reviatlize Our People & Planet!  The most Productive Plant that creates; super Strong, light Weight, Non Disposable to Biodegradable, CARBON NEGATIVE products and Materials made from Hemp. Everyone can FARM/GROW it, it's just a matter of Where? Courteous Cannabis says: Grow Hemp EVERYWHERE,  for the Good Health of EVERYTHING !

    It's up to Farmers & Common Folk to save the world by Growing for the "Utilization of Cannabis in 60k ways"! Using up precious natural resources while Polluting, destroying Earths environments IS NOT OK!

     The "Everything Plant", Cannabis, Heals the Environment (especially toxicity & radiation) where it grows! The USA has over 30,000 toxic landfills in desperate NEED of Hemp remediation.

    Global Leaders in the fields of medicine, law, agriculture and politics share their unique expertise as they explain the complex relationship between bacteria, soil, and your body.

      Unite America with the Knowledge of the "Everything Plant"!  We (USA) may Unite if Everyone Knew what this Plant Can Do!  Actually about 60,000 Superior, Sustainable Improvements IF we Utilized it immediately! Refusing to Tell the "Whole Truth", the "Media" has made "America the Problem" by keeping US very Under Educated!  Destroying the Earth with Flawed, outdated: "Toxic Energies, Fuels, Textiles, Man Made Materials & Chemicals, ect. America is Supposed to set the Example, from an outsiders view, only an example of "greed & a broken system".  "They Lied about everything, about the "Everything Plant"!

     2019 - The "Everything Plant" got lost (about 82 years ago)!

     Back in 1619, Americas original Jamestown colonists grew hemp and for over 200 years, they Paid their Taxes with it. Hemp was legal tender in most of the Americas from 1631 to the early 1800's. Nearly All previous Civilizations prospered by using it in many ways.

     Benjamin Franklin created USA's first Paper Mill Utilizing Cannabis. He did so to allow the American People to have a Free Colonial Press without having to justify the need for paper and books from England.  Ben found out, "Paper" from Trees, was inferior to Hemp in many ways.

    George Washington and Thomas Jefferson (and all of our Forefathers) grew cannabis on their plantations. Washington famously stated; "sow the Indian hemp seed everywhere"!  Jefferson risked his own life to smuggle quality hempseeds from China. At that time, the Chinese rulers (Mandarins) valued their hemp seeds so much, that they made it a capital offense for exportation.

     All of Earths greatest civilizations throughout history. The Hemp plant was the Most Important plant which supplied humans with Sustainability.        Ancient cultures from the; Chinese, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians, Persians, and  American Indians all Prospered from Hemp. They all used it as a Food source and Medicine.    

     For thousands of years, the Earths people by the thousands, all over the world, families and communities would gather at the Hemp fields for Harvesting. Truly, the Earths Best Natural Resource and the most Productive Plant, "Cannabis". Fast forward to the last 80 years, and Recognize how our government spearheaded international Prohibition to wipe out the Cannabis Plant entirely.

     The People have to Educate Each Other about the Everything Plant.
Unity is Key for US to work Together towards A Sustainable Existence!

     Remember the saying, divide and conquer, well that's US right now, divided and conquered. We are living in a Dis-functional Society and "we can't recognize it because we are living it". Things could have been so much Better in many ways!

     USA stands for the Greatest country on Earth. We have been the greatest, but over time, we sank, and now, we won't admit we are not so great anymore. It all makes sense if we believe the corruption (Richest Influential People - R.I.P.) has manipulated our top officials.

     Nearly All Media is also Owned and Manipulated by the R.I.P.

The root word for Religion is Unity. Religion is now at a low point and what this country needs more than anything, is Unity to get "Good things Done"! That's what Americans do best when Properly Informed, "Get It Done"!

     Educate to Utilize - We Can Do This!

     We should be Utilizing the Cannabis plant in 60,000 superior ways, starting with Replacing Trees with Cannabis! "They" also took away Natural Cures and started creating Chemical Treatments; aka "medications", some of which, actually cause Harm. From 1850 to 1900 Cannabis was the 3rd most Prescribed Medicine in the US, virtually every man, woman & child used it successfully without any fear of its high. Cannabis may Replace 70% of todays medicines. 

      One of the most upsetting examples of Our countries corruption is the suicide rate of Our Veterans. Since 1999, there has been a total of 5,273 Military Deaths, since 1999 there has been 128,480 Veteran Suicide Deaths. 22 veteran suicides daily for almost 20 years and the VA still holds back one of the best treatment for PTSD , "medical marijuana".

     The system is rigged so that we are divided and preoccupied, while "they" try to hide the strings that pull societies. It is now quite apparent that for most of this country's history, we have been an oligarchy cleverly disguised as a democracy. Both parties played their roles - as did almost all of our elected officials - in this long-running national deception.  Advocate For Everyone!

     Right now we rely a lot on leveling forests and taking things out from beneath the ground, using up Earths Precious Natural Resources while Polluting Air, Water & Ground, instead of Utilizing Cannabis, that's what's destroying the earth & causing the green house effect. Farmers & Everyone else could literally save the earth by growing HEMP. The Earth will always survive, however, we as a species and just about every other species on the planet will not survive if we continue on the path that we are now on. And that's not my opinion, that's what the international panel of climate control has stated.

     The Earth is running out of Precious Natural Resources "P.N.R." & All Life is being Polluted to Death. We need to maximize our utilization of the most "productive, cost efficient, available, etc. resource, the "Cannabis Plant"!

     "Pot" does a much better job in every way while creating Carbon Negative products and half the pollution of todays flawed materials. All plastics ever made, are still here and what DuPont won't tell us, is after 100 years, when plastic starts biodegrading, they become extremely toxic to the Environment. Petroleum is in almost Everything and when it degrades, it is very toxic, unlike cannabis oil.
below: PotMan United Mug

     We could stop the DESTRUCTION of our planet and REVERSE the atmosphere and heal the soil and feed the PEOPLE, ECT. the most healthy substance known to MAN! Humans are Naturally Loving Creatures, it seems things have been backwards forever. What does make sense in our society? It only makes sense when we realize that the top officials everywhere have been paid off.

     ~ Pollution kills more people every year than wars, car accidents, and homicides combined. ~ Henry Ford Invented Cars Made from, and Ran On Wild Hemp Fuel. Henry Ford & Climate Change : August 13, 1941, Henry Ford's introduction of the Greenest, Healthiest & most practical automobile in history, made from and fueled by Hemp. This Amazing Car was 4.7 times better for the environment than Today's Electric Vehicles! ! !

      Hemp was the reason "marijuana" was outlawed, absolutely nothing to do with "getting high and nothing to do with any "harmful" effects on the mind and body, just the Opposite is now recognized as it is the Healthiest Vegetable on Earth.

     Pot does NOT pose a threat to the general public, 1 out of 10 may become dependent but not addicted.  Pot has the Healthiest Nutrients on Earth for all mammals! Eating it Fresh is best & non psychoactive (it has to heated above 200 degrees). If it is baked, then you must be careful how much, even a half a cookie could make a person with no tolerance, very sick, regulations allow info. & directions. About 13% of US medical Students are Educated about cannabis. An integration of medical cannabis into the healthcare system Will Happen when  MOST health professionals Become Aware of the physiological system that governs Everything, the E.C.S.

      There really is massive proof that the suppression of medical cannabis represents the greatest failure of the institutions of a free society, medicine, journalism, science, and Our Fundamental Values.
      America was great, it has gone downhill, Our "pride" is rightfully strong but that is now our weakness, we must recognize the corruption has infiltrated our top officials. Change never happens in politics, Change Only happens if we "Collectively" confront it, "PEACEFULLY"!

      Be Proud to Help PotMan & Courteous Cannabis, wear a T-shirt, button or hat! Educate at potman.US or on fb= Utilize Potman, PotMan, PotMan & Courteous Cannabis, CannabiSustainability, 420 Healthy Way,  Tao- n to Earth, ect. ~  Wear-my-Art, Dialog-will-Start! ~  WearIt&TalkAboutPot!

 No "One thing" could Help the EARTH as much as the "Cannabis Plant"!

#1, We need to be Educated - to be aware of the FACTS - 60K Reasons to be able to UNITE US, Peacefully.
Pills kill more people than ALL illicit drugs combined. Pill Dysfunction and Social Suffering is everywhere!
There's No Man-Made, Western "MEDICINE" that FITS our Bodies Natural Receptors as precisely as the "Cannabis Cannabinoid Molecular Structure ". Modern Medicine are mostly Pills, Chemicals that Our Bodies need to Recover from (aside from masking the original illness).
Nothing beats Cannabis both Biologically & Environmentally.

Help PotMan & Courteous Cannabis bring Awareness thru Art!  ~ Wear&Share4Awareness! ~

About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,