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Embrace Cannabis / Hemp to Restore Natures Balance & Harmony

On the Environment / Planets Health:

The process of using plants to clean polluted soil is called phytoremediation. According to a 2014 report from Nation of Change’s Christina Sarich, two members of the mustard family are more frequently used in phytoremediation, but cannabis has shown some promise because of its hardiness to toxins and quick growth rates. Some have even considered using it near Fukushima to soak up Radiation like they used it for at Chernobyl in Russia.

~ Pollution kills more people every year than wars, car accidents, and homicides combined. ~ Henry Ford Invented Cars Made from, and Ran On Wild Hemp Fuel. Henry Ford & Climate Change : August 13, 1941, Henry Ford's introduction of the Greenest, Healthiest & most practical automobile in history, made from and fueled by Hemp. This Amazing Car was 4.7 times better for the environment than Today's Electric Vehicles! ! !

      Hemp was the reason "marijuana" was outlawed, absolutely nothing to do with "getting high and nothing to do with any "harmful" effects on the mind and body, just the Opposite is now recognized as it is the Healthiest Vegetable on Earth.

     Pot does NOT pose a threat to the general public, 1 out of 10 may become dependent but not addicted.  Pot has the Healthiest Nutrients on Earth for all mammals! Eating it Fresh is best & non psychoactive (it has to heated above 200 degrees). If it is baked, then you must be careful how much, even a half a cookie could make a person with no tolerance, very sick, regulations allow info. & directions.

     About 13% of US medical Students are Educated about cannabis. An integration of medical cannabis into the healthcare system Will Happen when  MOST health professionals Become Aware of the physiological system that governs Everything, the E.C.S.

      There really is massive proof that the suppression of medical cannabis represents the greatest failure of the institutions of a free society, medicine, journalism, science, and Our Fundamental Values.
      America was great, it has gone downhill, Our "pride" is rightfully strong but that is now our weakness, we must recognize the corruption has infiltrated our top officials. Change never happens in politics, Change Only happens if we "Collectively" confront it, "PEACEFULLY"!

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Cannabis Soaks Up Toxic RADIATION!

     A group of representatives of Consolidated Growers and Processors, PHYTOTECH, and Ukraine’s Institute of Bast Crops experimented in the late 1990s with using industrial hemp, a form of the plant that’s high in fiber but low in psychoactive or medical benefits, near the site of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, where a great deal of agricultural land is still unusable because of the presence of radiation and heavy metals still lingering from the 1986 meltdown.

     “Hemp is proving to be one of the best phyto-remediative plants we have been able to find,” said Slavik Dushenkov, a research scientist with PHYTOTECH.

     In 2009, scientists from Belarus also experimented with hemp in areas polluted by Chernobyl. The disaster contaminated nearly 20 miles around the site.

    The Belarusian scientists noted that one added benefit of industrial hemp over other phytoremediation plants is that it can also be used to produce biofuel, potentially adding a second use for the crop after it removes toxins from the soil.

    “As with the Chernobyl incident, scientists are finding radioactive emissions and toxic metals–including iodine, cesium-137, strontium-90, and plutonium–concentrated in the soil, plants, and animals of Japan, but also now throughout the United States and all along the West Coast – from Canada to Mexico,” Sarich wrote for Nation of Change.

    Seshata, a freelance writer from the Netherlands who specializes in reporting about cannabis, noted several studies which showed hemp to be extremely effective at absorbing toxins like cadmium and heavy metals. However, she noted that the war on drugs limits study on the plant’s potential in the U.S.:

    “As a proven, valuable tool in the fight to repair human-inflicted damage to our soils and ecosystems, hemp could potentially benefit hundreds of thousands of sites across the globe"!

    It is estimated that in the USA alone there are 30,000 sites requiring remediation. As is so often the case, US restrictions on hemp cultivation preclude any large-scale operations from being implemented, and the contaminated sites are largely left unremediated, through lack of both funding and interest on the part of the government.” Hemp could benefit hundreds of thousands of contaminated sites

    For many years, US restrictions on hemp cultivation precluded any large-scale operations from being implemented. However, now that restrictions on hemp cultivation are lifting in many US states, this situation is changing.

    The biotech company 22nd Century has stated: “Because there are more than 30,000 sites that require soil remediation in the United States alone, phytoremediation is expected to become a significant area of business for 22nd Century”.

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