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1941 Hemp Car

Our present Greenhouse effect (global warming) is caused by positive carbon Man Made emissions that AreTipping the Natural Balance!

Henry Ford was way ahead of his time when he manufactured carbon Negative car parts...and then there's the 1941 Hemp Car, the worlds Cleanest and Greenest Car ever made, so far, 4.7 times Better for the Earth than Todays Electric Cars!

Fords vision was to have families own & Farm 5 Acres, off the grid, hardly any Pollution, and Sell the basic plants including Hemp to all the corporations to manufacture textiles and nearly Everything else!
Ford also had 25k people running machines on hemp oil.
Actually, Ford was Not ahead of his time, he was Right on Time!
All Life on Earth suffers now from Henry Ford's "Hemp Car" being Omitted from Our History!

Please read on and then Wear Your 1941 Hemp Car Tee Shirt

Welcome to PotMan.US,
the Most Important Websites for Helping Ourselves and the Earth!

Henry Fords 1941 Hemp Car was supposed to "Change the World"!
Thank You Henry, for making the Worlds Greenest Car, Fuel & Carbon Negative  Products.
The Most Important Information for a Sustainable World, "was Suppressed" because "they" Slandered Henry Ford and suppressed
 his Greatest Inventions because they Utilized 
"IF"only Henry Fords "Hemp Plastic Technology", was never Suppressed, his Village would have progressed as a Social, Economical & Environmental Model.
His 1941 hemp Car was 12 times Stronger & Lighter than Steel and Ran on Pristine Hemp FUEL that anyone could Grow! 
It is logical to say that Henrys Village would have Progressed, however he was no match for the Corporations who was behind Prohibition and who Owned the Media, "they" destroyed the Man and the History.
Our world is made Not to Last Long, to Break and to Leech off it's TOXIC ingredients as it degrades!  Countless Products which include Disposable ones, that make up Our "norm", also creates a Non Sustainable World. Bridges Built with Hemp would last for thousands of yrs. showing US we are living in an Intentionally Flawed world. We were on the right track until 1937 prohibition. We allowed People & Planet to become Toxic because we didn't utilize the Non-Toxic Plant! Cannabis IS the Answer! Don't believe me? Just Read this entire article.

Some of Henrys incredible World Sustainable Inventions include The Best & Healthiest Fuels, Plastics, Manufacturing & Sustainable Population Lifestyle!
The Greenest Car Ever Made~2023! 

100 Years of Lying to Everyone
Turns out that 1920's Alcohol Prohibition had Nothing to do with getting Drunk, exactly like 1937 Marijuana Prohibition that had Nothing to do with getting High.  Our own Government ( coerced by big $) actually poisoned to Death 10k US Citizens with intentions of Scaring Americans away from "Utilizing Ethanol"! 
Both Prohibitions were Really about SUPPRESSING "Natural Energy Solutions" N.E.S.! We're approaching 100 years of using 50,000 Different "Flawed" Products that Don't have Hemp in them that's doing incredible Damage to the Earth. Only Utilizing Hemp again in some of those 50,000 ways, will Mitigate the planet's Warming Problem! It's what WE were Supposed to USE  in the first place with the byproduct being biologic & planetary SUSTAINABILITY!

Cannabis was the "Original Lamp Oil' for Lighting, it was also supposed to be Utilized in nearly EVERYTHING!  
Everything that Petroleum Oil does, Cannabis Oil (C.O.) does BETTER and with a Fraction of the POLLUTION!  Cannabis would have Progressed to be UTILIZED in nearly All Man Made Products!  It "Also" Would have HELPED the planet "just by GROWING",    aside from being a superior Ingredient for Sustainability, by putting it in Everything, this Plant PURIFIES the Environment (Soil, Water & Air) wherever it Grows. Let's Start with the 30K+ Toxic Sites just in the USA! 

Every piece of Plastic ever made, is Still on this Planet and is made with "PETROLEUM", and when it decays, Biodegrading plastic becomes EXTREMELY TOXIC!   
82% of the total value of trades on the New York Stock Exchange and Stocks around the world, are All Linked to the Oil Companies & their Refineries. Imagine a World in HARMONY WITH HEMP.
 Cannabis Oil (C.O.) is Superior to petroleum oil in multiple ways, it makes Earths most Friendly Fuel AND the best Lubricants, the Healthiest Vegetable,  provides our best Nutrition & Medicine as well.
Cannabis contains industrial raw ingredients that SHOULD be used in almost EVERYTHING.  It is the Most Productive Plant  and  best Natural Resource on Earth and Should be used for 50,000+ Improvements; Flawed  Energies, Fuels, Construction Materials, Chemicals, Plastics, Fibers, ect.             Healthy Plant = Healthy Planet  
- Imagine if we used cannabis for nearly Everything, like WE were Meant to, for Peace & Prosperity.

Better Than Gasoline, Electric, Nuclear & Coal Energies
"Biomass", from cannabis, is an Alternative to Nuclear & Coal Energy and Superior Batteries and would create an ENERGY INDEPENDANT NATION!!!   We are poisoning everything and that causes Disease. Pollution creates DISEASE while also destroying land, water & air! Flawed Energies and Fuels are killing our Earth, at least all inhabitants.

Green House Effects, Global Warming, Climate Change are real and has  noticeably Increased over the last 50 years and is predicted to continue to increase well beyond our capabilities to adapt UNLESS WE unite and embrace the solution,..."Hemp". Man made Carbon positive manufacturing is everywhere, That's why Fords CAR & VILLAGE were so important for Everyone. Henry's Carbon NEGATIVE products and 1941 HEMP CAR were Not ahead of his time, "He Was Right On Time."  Utilizing Hemp like we were Supposed to in nearly every product would have MITIGATED our current Planetary Heat Up "P.H.U.". This amazing plant eats up the carbon dioxide that is Causing our P.H.U. while putting out 4 times the Oxygen as forests of Trees. Until we are all on the same page "to grow hemp everywhere", We must remain Positive and act Peacefully when WE protest. 
Not only did "they" Suppress the Inventors and their inventions, but the Important Information for US to make decisions, IS ALSO being Suppressed. The big $ that manipulates the worlds Governments, also manipulate the MEDIA.

The fact that we Use Trees and Fossil Fuels are Criminal. Using Trees and Petroleum creates environmental destruction, yet it continues every day. Our planet should Still be Healthy, man made (produced) energies & fuels Should all have been made with Plant Materials. If we Utilized Cannabis, it would do a Better job with Far Less Pollution. Not only does Cannabis work Better for energy uses, it also Purifies the environment where it grows! It's a no-brainer (again).
There are actually 50,000 Improvements if we Utilized it in our industries.

     Environmental prosperity as well as Biologic were Suppressd as a Result of Prohibition.
The Endo-cannabinoid system is vital for good health and yet the E.C.S. is still NOT taught in medical schools because of Restricted Politics. 

     What do we really know about Ethanol sustainability?

     I was watching a show on The Weather Channel, "2020 Race to save the planet", and presidential candidate, former Gov., "Mark Sanford", says this: - "Let's look at the math, at the end of the day, it takes More Energy to produce Ethanol products, than what is ultimately Produced , by it".

     Our problem is that Politicians, by Not Excepting "Natural Energy Solutions" Information, puts everyone's Lives on the line & jeopardizes the Health of the entire planet ! The Media acts like Science is an "Opinion", & Politicians do Not accept N.E.S. because they do not have all the FACTS, correct? We all could Grow several vegetables and extract Ethanol and even Sell it to Industry, just like Henry wanted!

      Henry Ford said: " I can power all my farming equipment & machinery for 100 years, extracting Ethanol from Potatoes, on "ONE SINGLE ACRE OF LAND"!!! All the Energy , textile, plastics, fuel, paper, ect., "Industries", JUST COULD NOT COMPETE!

      "IF" We started to Utilize Hemp for the 60k superior products it can make, then we will automatically Mitigate our "man-made Climate Change"!
      We were supposed to follow Henrys plan to Grow our own Food, Fuel, Energy, Medicines, Industrial Material, Bartering, Ect., however big $ had other Plans. Instead of poisoning our property, we should be growing food.            Ford wanted US to grow & Sell to all Industries. Plant material in all products creates Carbon Neutrality to Negative!

      Our world should have been Completely Different IF the inventions from Nicola Tesla and Henry Ford had Never Been Suppressed. We would be thriving in prosperity, freedom & love.
      CannabiSolution:  2019,  For over 80 years, the worlds greatest country ( & citizens) has been misled by the corruption. All populations in most countries are All innocent Victims.
Utilizing Cannabis would Eliminate Most of Our Pain and Suffering while producing Environmental Healing! The Reason Why we allow this, is because we are Not  Told/Educated, so "Collectively" we are Not on the "same page"!

The Power of "Knowledge" would indeed produce "Unity" as a byproduct.
The Cannabis Plant is Obviously the Most Powerful Plant on Earth and most corporations are Not Utilizing it in 50,000 superior products/ uses it was Meant to be used in.


2019 - Henry Ford Invented Cars that were Made with, and Ran on Wild Natural Hemp!
"Pollution" has been Killing more People every year, than Wars, Car Accidents, and Homicides Combined! 

     Henry Ford introduced the Greenest, Healthiest & most practical Automobile in history on August 13, 1941! Ford debuted his car made from and fueled by Cannabis Hemp.
     This Amazing Car was 4.7 times better for the Environment & Earth than Today's Electric Vehicles!  It was recognized by Popular Mechanics, Dec. 1941, “Pinch Hitters for Defense.” Ford did so for the sake of American farmers without any knowledge that his idea would be the key to reversing our climate crises!

They put Petroleum Oil in almost Everything, in nearly ALL MAN MADE PRODUCTS, Instead of cannabis Oil!
   Every piece of Plastic ever made, is Still somewhere, eventually biodegrading & releasing "Toxicity" because of the Petro-Chemical ingredients.

    Hats off to Henry Ford. A True Inventor and genius! Utilizing the strongest soft fiber on Earth, "hemp"!"
    Ford's 12 years of hemp research, gave the world a glimpse of the automobile of tomorrow, almost 5 times Better for our Environment than TODAYS ELECTRIC CARS.
    Our Ancestors who Cultivated Hemp to be lighter and stronger, for over 12 Thousand Years, would feel Extremely Sad and Disrespected that WE STOPPED Utilizing "Hemp" in 1937!

   Henrys Car had tough panels molded under hydraulic pressure of 1,500 pounds per square inch (psi) from a recipe that calls for 70 percent of cellulose fibers from wheat straw, hemp and sisal plus 30 percent resin binder.     His 1941 plastic car weighed a ton, 1,000 pounds lighter and half the Weight of other steel cars!

Q) Why were Diesel & Fords Technology Buried!? 
A) To Suppress Natural Energy Solutions   ("N.E.S")! 

The Media Manipulates & Lies just like our gov. agencies.

Nothing new here, just another TV show Not telling the truth about Cannabis. This is totally the norm for mass influence, never any mention of the Positive things from Cannabis.
After waiting and waiting, I Finally Watched the episode of "Henry Fords Innovation Nation", on Saturdays CBS TV, that featured Henry Fords "1941 Hemp Car", and guess what?...."They Lied"! ! !
Just like the "Media", the show Lies it's butt off! It Never Mentioned "Hemp", the Most Important element of his genius Car!
The Host, Mo Rocca gives credit to the Soy bean instead. True, soy beans were used, however, this is a total Insult and Disrespect for Our Ancestors who Cultivated Hemp over the last 12,000 years making it Lighter & Stronger, now the strongest soft Fiber on Earth.
The Fuel, Strength & Lightness made it revolutionary, 10 to 12 times stronger and lighter than steel.  
It was Half the Weight of other cars and a Pristine, Clean burning Fuel, All come from HEMP

The Host, Mo Rocca must have Also forgot to mention that Henry designed the Greenest Car ever made!
I still can't believe what Propaganda still goes on! Not talking about "HEMP" is a disservice to All of Humanity!  
Fords Vision for the People to Grow your own HEMP and Sell it to Industries, is all about Prosperous Citizens and Social stability!  The "Profound Environmental Implications" were just a "Unkown Bonus"!
Fords 1941 car was the Greenest car on Earth (so far)! History is written by the biggest bank accounts and who also control the media!  We Should be Utilizing Cannabis 50k, superior ways instead of Destroying the Earth, just like Henry had envisioned.   
Back in Henry Fords day, Half of US were Farmers,...unfortunately, that would have Interfered with "their" Future Profits!
  If All fossil Fuel Energy was Replaced with Superior Energies from Cannabis, We could Turn the climate crisis around, and much More.
To think that nearly all of Our planetary Destruction could have been Avoided IF History was Not Suppressed!           Fords Village which had 25,000 Americans running car & Farm engines on Hemp fuel and before 1937, hemp was used in over 25,000 different Products. We as a Nation would have Progressed from the Knowledge of his hemp Village, products and Car. The implications of this technology is the most profound for Intelligent Species Planetary Sustainability, even with "over-population" issues (caused by flawed natural resources).

     Using up Earths Precious Natural Resources, when Cannabis would have done a Superior Job, IS THE ISSUE!

Frustrating how History was manipulated so we know Nothing about Cannabis Sustainability. The Future of Our Planet and People are at stake. This is incredibly Frustrating how this does Not make Front Page News! The Everything Plant is Not being Recognized for what "IT CAN DO!"

     There are 60,000 reasons why the corporations do Not want US using this Plant, the Most Useful Plant on Earth. Out of Earths 300,000 species & the millions of subspecies of plants, Cannabis is the #1 for quality of Life and Our Survival. We may save Our planet by Utilizing Cannabis/Hemp in over 60,000 products, including; fuels, energy source, food, nutritional supplements, textiles, paper, card-board, plastics, ect.

     All it would take to Ease my Frustration for our Divided States of America,..is some simple "Unity", ..it should be Easy IF properly Educated.  potman.US - For the Good Health of Tomorrow!

Their First Engines were made to Run on Alcohol.
      In 1892, Rudolph Diesel invented the diesel engine to run on vegetable and seed oils from hemp, then wanting to use "Ethanol".

     Ford wanted to run his Model T off of ethanol, Ford famously stated; “there’s enough alcohol in one year’s yield of 1 acre of potatoes to drive the machinery necessary to cultivate the fields for one hundred years.” However, the "gasoline industry" lobbied hard to keep alcohol taxes high and drop the price of gasoline. Around this time, Rudolf Diesel was Murdered! During Alcohol Prohibition, Ford changed his Fuel method to run on vegetable oils as Diesel originally had created and envisioned for production.

    Ford was soon "Slandered" by the Media ( just like Cannabis) with the Worst possible stories. Americans believed the "Manipulated Media Stories" and Ford was vilianized and his Dreams disappeared.
     His vision of everyone growing hemp and selling it to all companies including Ford Motors.

     Half of Americans were farmers when Ford made/built plastic cars with; hemp, wheat straw, soybeans and sissal. Nobody Knew that incorporating Hemp into one's Diet, would be "Preventative Medicine". Henry knew, that Selling it and Using it, gives US tremendous Freedom and Prosperity.
    They did not want Us to grow for free, our own: Food, Fuel, Medicine, Clothing, ect.

     The end of N.E.S. had begun, the rest is "corrupt history" written by the corporations. This is also the start of why OUR infrastructures are not made of Hemp/Cannabis making everything from bicycles to Bridges last 10 times longer, stronger & Lighter at an incredibly cheaper cost! Hemp seeds have provided a combustible fuel oil throughout human history. More importantly, though, the same high cellulose level that makes hemp ideal for paper also makes it perfect for Ethanol fuel production.

    Ethanol is the cleanest-burning liquid bio-alternative to gasoline. In one test, an unleaded gasoline automobile engine produced a thick, black carbon residue in its exhaust, while the tailpipe of a modified ethanol engine tested for the same 3,500 miles remained pristine and residue-free. Ethanol is derived from plant cellulose.              Plants absorb carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight and produce oxygen and cellulose, which contains the sun's energy captured in plant cells. When ethanol combusts, it releases energy, water vapor, and carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is then absorbed by plants, along with water and sunlight, to create more oxygen and cellulose. It is a clean and sustainable cycle.
     Biomass Hemp CAN be used for Our ENERGY needs. Hemp is Superior for nearly All Energy & Fuels and a consequence to all that growing, would HEAL our ATMOSPHERE. When Hemp grows, it produces extreme amounts of Oxygen, while soaking up CO2 and when biomass is burned for energy, the C02 is released back into the air for a balanced natural cycle.

Cannabis produces carbon negative products and Henry Ford Showed US How!
      Growing Hemp Also pulls CO2 (carbon dioxide) out of the air, while adding 4 times the Oxygen as Forests do, this Very Important as C02 build up is becoming an issue.
Products made with hemp, like plastic, can then be discarded into a landfill, returning carbon to the soil.
      Nearly Every PRODUCT EVER MADE, is part "PETROLEUM", and when it decays, it becomes highly TOXIC!
    Every single piece os plastic made is Still Here and are Toxically Degrading!

    The plant needs Half the amount of Land & Water per ton of finished textile compared to cotton.

    Farmers can grow without the need for pesticides, herbicides,” while creating soil remediation. According to World Bank data, the production of textiles, accounts for more than 20% of water pollution on a global scale.             Overall, the production of a single cotton T-shirt uses roughly 700 gallons of water and about half a pound of chemicals and poisons.

     Pot was legal throughout human history and in 80% of history's Textiles, but humans did not know "that much" about it...like Today! Aside from 1974 and 2000, the Best year for Research was 2013. Turns out, Cannabis Helps Most people with Most Illnesses.

     We should have been Utilizing Cannabis, Not Trees, Please! Not Oil, Not Plastics, Not Wood, Not Paper, Not Paint, Not Concrete, Not Pesticides, Not Chemicals, Not Man made Materials, Not Energy Plants and nearly "Not Toxic Everything"! 
     We messed up big-time allowing Prohibition, Our forefathers even used it as MONEY! You could pay your Taxes with it! Henry Ford wanted the same culture, everyone growing & selling to all industries, however big $ had other plans. Making "marijuana" illegal was a Corrupt Con, the Worst thing that could have happened to All Life on Earth.

       Right now, we rely mostly on Out-Dated Energies including leveling forests and taking things out from beneath the ground, using up Earths Precious Natural Resources while Polluting Air, Water & Ground instead of Utilizing Cannabis, that's what's destroying the Earth. Farmers are literally going to save the Earth, growing the raw resources that are required to manufacture what we need.

      The Earth will always survive, however, we as a species and just about every other species on the planet will not survive if we continue on the path that we are now on (2020). And that's not my opinion, that's what the international panel of climate control has stated.

      Here's to the new age of Utilizing Cannabis, the most Productive plant that creates; super Strong, light Weight, Carbon Negative components & Materials made from Hemp. It's up to Farmers to save the world by Growing for the Utilization of Cannabis in 60k ways! Instead of Utilizing Cannabis for the last 100 yrs., we have been Using up precious natural resources while Polluting, destroying Earths environments, and now global warming is causing natural disasters.
     You may want to Google "Ford village industries", fascinating how he envisioned small farmers being the backbone of industry. His vision had Not come true, major munitions industries like DuPont had derailed it by encouraging men like Anslinger. If it Had Evolved, we would Be Living an opposite Culture and an entirely Different planet. Most everything would have been made from plants including our fuels. The climate crisis would Not be looming.

   Conversations with PotMan, his old high school Friend and Bruce M. Dietzen uncover the Lies WE were all fed so not to question Our societal standards.
Are there any valid reasons why WE use petroleum based products over organic plant/hemp fuels? When I asked one of my high school friends; Christopher Rathje, this is what he thought about Gas vs. Bio-Fuels?

-- PotMan : Which do you think is Better, Gas or Hemp bio Fuel?
-- PotMans old high school Friend, Christopher Rathje: "I think the big reason we went with oil, besides availability, is that the Organic fuel products tend to be highly corrosive to metal and therefore damage engines faster".
-- PM : I respectfully disagree about both. Availability? All we need is Sun & Rain! Henry Ford had 25% of the S.West using his biofuels before Big$ retaliated. They lobbied (bribed) congress by making Alcohol more expensive than Gasoline and also our gov. poisoned 10k citizens to scare US away from Using it! The richest men in America were all in on it, Carnegie, DuPont, Mellon, etc. And  Todays technology easily solves the corrosive issues.
-- Chris: Yes, the oil barons exerted their considerable influence. I'm not saying I agree. I'm just saying why. At the time, it was believed that there was a never ending supply of petroleum. As I said, not very forward thinking, yes, technology has improved engine corrosion issues, but not solved them. I think engines using petroleum based products still outlast engines using organic fuels.
  - PM : I again disagree with you old friend. Ok, Let's go Ask my fb friend, Bruce, who Rebuilt Hemp Cars using Fords old technology. Bruce let comedian, "Jay Leno" (former Tonight Show Host & Car enthusiast) drive his hemp Car on one of Jay's episodes, "Jay Leno's Garage".

-- Let's meet Bruce Michael Dietzen, a farmer/engineer, who re-created Fords hemp car and vision:
   -- Bruce Michael Dietzen :I have viewed numerous articles and studies which claim that fermented fuels (alcohol) have far less pollutants and additional crud than petroleum gas. Hence they burn cleaner and leave less crap in the engine.
   I have run the Cannabis Car on 100% BioButanol and had no problems. The exhaust was clearly cleaner as well, just by putting a tissue over the tailpipe. The difference is huge.
   The Oil companies spread fake news about how biofuels are bad. It's all bullcrap. Any Car made in the last decade can run on 100% alcohol based fuel with Only a Minor Modification which heats the fuel before it entered the engine. It's actually better on the car and far superior with regards to carbon footprint.
   The very best fuel however with regards to footprint is green gasoline made by pyrolizing plant residues. The vapors generated via this process are converted to methanol and then to gasoline which is 100% identical with petroleum gasoline. The upside of this process is that 1/3 of the biomass used to make this fuel ends up as Biochar which is then tilled back into agricultural soils thereby sequestering a lot of carbon which was removed by photosynthesis.  If all of our gasoline were green gasoline, which is carbon negative, it would without a doubt be the best way to mitigate climate change by a huge margin.

     Bottom line, Petroleum Gasoline is Terrible for Engines and the Environment. Just about any bio based fuel is better for both. 

--  PM: 2018 - Today I spoke with a gentleman who said wanted to know, what is the hemp car "carbon base"? I told him that Fords car itself and buildings made with hemp and "hempcrete" are carbon neutral, but he was talking about the "Fuel", so can you please tell me about "carbon base fuel"?
-- Bruce M. Dietzen: Frank, Not sure what he meant by the phrase carbonbase. But what is important, is that making only 15% of everything mankind makes every year from crops like hemp, and processing these crops are not raw materials in manufacturing facilities run exclusively would avoid and sequester roughly 3 billion metric tonnes of CO2 every year making it the most effective means to mitigate climate crisis there is today.
    Now, back to Mr. Ford, his 1941 prototype was made from roughly 50% crop material, which if it had been processed in carbon neutral manufacturing facilities would have sequestered 1.65 lbs of CO2 for every lb. of crop material used to make his car. The other half of the material used was mostly steel which is carbon positive. One offset the other rendering the car nearly carbon neutral when it came out of the factory. Next component of the question is how it was fueled?
    Michael Wang of Argonne Labs did a study in 2007 and concluded that biofuels made from agricultural residue (scraps from the field) added 86% less CO2 into the atmosphere than gasoline. Wang may not have been aware of Ford's efforts because he thought that some amount of petroleum needed to be used in the process of refining and shipping this type of biofuel. Ford however, answered this by running his hemp residue ethanol in his Fordster tractors and never intend for "fuel" to be transported at all. In his utopian view, every family would have 5 acres of land where they would not only produce food, livestock, their own fuel AND.... HERES THE BIG PART, ARE YOU READY....MOST OF THE RAW MATERIALS CONSUMED BY INDUSTRY TO MAKE!  YES MOST EVERYTHING MANUFACTURED. 

     Fords car had a lifetime carbon footprint of about 3 metric tonnes vs 12 tonnes for the average EV today. And it's all because he insisted that everything possible be made from crops or crop residues.
    Advance that mindset to today. Right now, here in the USA it is possible to grow the 1 billion metric tonnes of hemp needed to make 15% of everything the world needs...all without effecting food supply. The US has 22% of the world's cultivated land. So theoretically, we could realize Fords vision of making most things from hemp. Not just 15% but more than 50%!

     I would appreciate your thoughts on the matter, especially if you are an expert in the climate sciences. If I have made some incorrect assumptions or calculations, please correct me.

     If you already make raw materials or finished products from plants please contact me. Let’s calculate together just how much CO2 your products could be drawing down. And if you are a manufacturer and are interested in making even a small percentage of your product from plant material I would like to help you succeed.

     Finally, if you are versed at writing proposed legislation let’s get together.  Both the Electric Vehicle and Solar Energy industries have prospered due to governmental support and consumer tax credits. I think it’s imperative that we start working with our law makers to provide similar incentives to both consumers and manufacturers who want to help save the planet.

About the author:       Bruce Michael Dietzen is the founder of CarbonNegative.Technology and the designer and builder of the Renew Sports Car which is the first car made of hemp in the USA since 1941.  Read more at https://brucedietzen.wordpress.com/  He can be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     

For more information on Carbon Negative Fiber, visit carbonnegativefiber.com.

Earth says: Sorry, it's Not Working out, Humans Lacking Education while "WE become More Toxic Every Day", Our future together Depends on Cannabis Education. The more you know, the More WE can Fix!
Links: https://youtu.be/8WN4QxsxoOc and https://youtu.be/qaDQeSRkH2s

      PotMan: Earths Ecosystems are quite Fragile. The average person has no idea we are destroying Everything instead of using carbon negative hemp in Nearly All Products and in 50k+ More Susatinable, better ways! 

     By the year 2047, the world will have burned all of its proven petroleum reserves,* while world coal reserves may last 100-300 years longer. But the decision to continue burning coal has serious drawbacks. This high-sulfur coal is responsible for our acid raid which already kills 50,000 Americans and 5,000-10,000 Canadians annually. In addition, the acid destroy the forests, rivers and animals.
     Conversion to biomass fuels should begin immediately to stop both planetary pollution and lemming-like "Genocide", and to make us naturally energy "Independent". Everyone can grow a Clean, Renewable Fuel Source, ect., "Cannabis!
Since gasoline engines are a primary source of carbon monoxide and greenhouse gases, alternative fuels such as ethanol could contribute significantly to the rejuvenation of our atmospheric air quality. Hemp provides a sustainable, renewable, and natural alternative to toxic fossil fuels. Henry Ford grew cannabis/hemp on his estate after 1937 possibly to prove the cheapness of methanol production at Iron Mountain.

 Jacks Facts: Remember Everyone, We Have The Truth On OUR Side, and ya can't beat a FACT! We will always win!
Brought to You by; Earths most Useful website; "potman.US", the following is an excerpt from Earths most Useful Book; "The Emperor Wears No Clothes", by Jack Herer.

 -   "If All fossil Fuels & their Derivatives, as well as as Trees for paper (& now cardboard) and Construction Materials were "Banned" in order to Save the planet, reverse the Greenhouse Effect and Stop Deforestation; then there is only 1 known annually renewable, natural resource that is Capable of providing the overall majority of the worlds; paper, plastics & textiles; meet All of the worlds transportation, industrial and home energy Needs, provide about 30-70% of the worlds medicines, WHILE; reducing pollution, rebuilding the soil, and cleaning the atmosphere, providing clean oxygen, all at the same time! ...and that substance is the same one that has done it before, for the last 5 to 10 thousand years, until about 130 years ago".

    My ancient cartoon characters May Help Educated Citizens bring Quality of Life Improvements. In my lifetime, 50% of all government drug enforcement money, was spent on fighting Cannabis. Words cannot describe the frustration of watching tv and Not hearing about the Abundant Benefits of Utilizing Cannabis!
Trying to Educate a Misled Nation is quite the task when after 9 years, my social media goes nowhere!
fb = Utilize Potman, 420 Healthy Way, CannabiSustainability, ect. Twitter= Courteous Cannabis & PotMan

Unite this country with "Proper Education" about the "Everything Plant", meant to Utilized in nearly Everything.
      The Everything Plant makes everything Better.
"They Lied about everything, about the Everything Plant"!

Philosophy  behind Henry Ford
Ford strongly felt that there were many positive aspects to rural life.[1] At the same time, he recognized that the promise of high wages was encouraging young people to discard the agrarian life of their parents and move to the cities. The spreading of industrialization (due in part, Ford knew, to his very own factory system) was making farming less attractive and giving farmers less to do in the winter.[2] Ford developed the village industries program as a way to bring manufacturing jobs to the countryside, allowing residents to reap the economic advantages without giving up their agricultural heritage.[1] His village industries were intended to strengthen rural communities by providing jobs to unemployed and under-employed local residents,[3] allowing farmers to work in the winter and return to farming in the summer.[2] It was also, in a very real sense, intended to maintain the bucolic settings and lifestyles that Ford remembered from his boyhood and idealized to some extent.
[2]Ford wanted to create places where Technology, Manufacturing, and Agriculture could "Co-Exist". He established his village industries in rural areas where farmland was easily available.[3] However, Ford intended the village industries to be an integral part of his manufacturing system, providing cost-effective and reliable parts. To minimize the increased costs of transportation incurred by these decentralized manufacturing plants, Ford chose sites that were primarily near larger existing Ford plants (the Ford River Rouge Complex and the Highland Park Ford Plant). The products the village industries made were all small and light, able to be efficiently shipped.
[3]Ford also believed in using clean and readily-available sources of power.[1] Water power, he thought, was nearly inexhaustible and easy to come by in Michigan.[2] He had in fact begun experimenting with water power when building his house at Fair Lane.[4] Thus, the village industry plants all made use of hydroelectric power; indeed, many were located at the site of old mills.[3] Some of the village industry plants actually utilize refurbished grist mill buildings, others merely used the site, with Ford erecting new industrial buildings to house the plant.
   However, the village industry program did not live much longer than Henry Ford himself. The small manufacturing plants were not a financial success,[10] and the stricter accountability procedures implemented after Henry Ford relinquished the presidency in 1945 found that they did not return optimal cost/benefit ratios.[3] Ford Motor Company soon began closing the Village Industries; most of the plants were closed in the 1940s.[11] Only five were still operating in the mid-1950s, three in the mid-1960s, and only a single one, the Ford Valve Plant in Northville, in the mid-1970s.[10] The Northville plant, ironically both the first and last of Ford's village industries, continued in operation until 1981.[9] The same year PotMan was Born.

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