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God Cares

Prohibition was all about controlling I N D U S T R Y!
Now we have a flawed world made with toxic man made materials, fuels & energies. Thanks big$.
Courteous Cannabis says: God cares, the

Proof IS in the Cannabis!

  Philanthropist = A person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, not necessarily by giving Money. Recent Education about cannabis has created Spiritual opportunities involving Humanitarian efforts. Emerging cannabis industries and also allow Each of US a special privilege to Help our neighbors, community, country and planet.

Advocating is creating "Sustainable Life", God would want it this way. Be Proud of Yourself.
Unity enables prosperity, collectively, we may accomplish anything! Philosophers agree that Healing our society & planet starts with One Single Individual Citizen...You.

By Educating yourself, you then find that You may influence others Positively. Each Advocate is a valuable resource possessing extraordinary powers.
      SAVE A FRIEND (SAF) = Be "Courteous" to One Another! Formal education voids important functions such as showing our population a path to; Sharing & Giving of Ourselves. This will lead to greater compassion & wisdom. Unfortunately, our culture was taught to focus on Individual Prosperity and Not the Powers of Giving & Sharing.

     The extent of our ability to "make a difference" depends on Our personal beliefs. We have been denied education about what makes our world sustainable for Life. All "Media" has only been allowed to report "negative only" news about cannabis for the last 80 yrs. This Propaganda created a Negative belief system. Manipulated gov. agencies that we trusted, stole our personal power and our belief system.

     How we Feel about ourselves determines the extent of our Capabilities. Most of our beliefs were instilled by "Fear", from the media and has held US back from doing diligent research. There is a direct proportion to what we believe (influence our attitudes) and what we can accomplish. Our personal powers are dampened when we are given negative & false beliefs. For example; discouraged business owners can instead focus on the concern for others and find positive prosperity.
     When we use our personal power to help others, we all benefit in multiple ways. Faithful exertion improves our emotional & physical health. We can Start by putting Principles & Goals above Personalities.

     We really need to be on the same page and good attitudes are the best influence. YOUR Generosity that benefit people will also benefit You Immensely. Altruism is healthy because the highest form of Selfishness is Selflessness! Enlisting people to help educate others, deal with 3 types; 1) Supportive 2) Non-supportive & 3) Against you. The against people may hurt your feelings and test your tolerance, sometimes we have to smile and move on.
      Eleanor Roosevelt: "The thing which counts is the striving of the human soul to achieve spiritually the best that it is capable of and to care unselfishly, not only for personal good but for the good of all those who toil with them upon this Earth".~

     Since 1937 prohibition, deliberate conditions has created our dysfunctional society (most don't recognize because we are living it). Poverty, suffering & social injustices will never be eliminated by our current system. We may turn things around by embracing Philanthropy, we Heal our nation by offering individual support, compassion & experience. Our 3 most basic elements for a healthy world have been poisoned; Air, Water & Soil, all because of 100% Non-Natural products instead of utilizing cannabis. It's up to you & me to educate each other. Our lifestyle & industries have absolutely no regard for the Sustainability of our planets future, we should at least for our children.

     Since 2003, scientists determined that we are at the beginning of the 6th Extinction and the Earth is dying from Pollution (the Invisible Killer).
     Multinational corporations only priority is profit. Using flawed; Energies, Fuels and Textiles are responsible for destroying our world, one ecosystem at a time. We desperately Need a standardized stewardship for the Earth.
     The Earth is being poisoned everyday, we must realize that it is up to each of us to; Advocate, Contribute & Volunteer. Let's Upgrade our knowledge & attitude of our "divided states".

We may Unite, recognizing Individualism and Expanding Community & Social Knowledge while Improving conditions. Robert F. Kennedy: "Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of Hope.

     We need to be educated on how to support legislation for pollution control, eliminate toxic manufacturing and to stop using these products. We need to Prioritize Environmental Protection.

    Although spiritually, we are all one, Indifference has divided Us without our consent and only in Unity will we find Prosperity. Wake Up,...We may counteract Self serving contemporary Values with Philanthropic Activities. So, unity enables prosperity, collectively, we may accomplish anything! Philosophers agree that Healing our society & planet starts with: One Single Individual Citizen...You.                                                                                                      

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Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,