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The PotMan

A Non-Cannabis Utilizing Society, is absolutely DISPOSABLE, the Opposite of SUSTAINABLE!
They Lied, Pot's Healthy! Wear My Art-Dialog Will Start!


Q)  Why do We continually allow the Destruction of the Earth day after day?
A)  Ignorance is Bliss


     Most of US are Still Misled about Pot and what it Can Do, thanks to the News, or Lack there of.
      It's finally time We All Help get the Word Out and thanks to world famous "PotMan & Courteous Cannabis" merchandise and Help Spread Humanitarian Information that could Unite this divided country with "what's Right, what's True and what can Really Help US ALL". 
      Our present Greenhouse effect (global warming) is caused mostly by the EXTRA carbon industrial emissions, from Manufacturing everyday Products to Concrete, from Farm Feed to Fuel and Everything in between!

   Henry Ford was way ahead of his time when he manufactured carbon Negative car parts...and then there's the 1941 Hemp Car, the world's Cleanest and Greenest Car ever made, so far, 4.7 times Better for the Earth than Today's Electric Cars!

   Henry's vision was to have families live on & Farm 5 Acres, off the grid, hardly any Pollution, and Sell the basic Plants including Hemp to all the corporations to manufacture textiles and Nearly Everything else! Ford also had 25k people running machines on hemp oil.

    Actually, Ford was Not ahead of his time, he was Right on Time! All Life on Earth suffers now from Henry Ford's "Hemp Car" being Omitted from Our History!

   Altomari Art; Fine Artist and Photographer. Created the Earth's Most Useful cartoon characters that Represent the Ultimate Prosperity, Sustainability and the Most Beneficial Health to Our Planet and All inhabitants.

   From replacing Nuclear power plants and Car Fuel to providing the Healthiest Foods on Earth. 
      All You/Anyone Need to do is Read online, "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" by Jack Herer and then Our Environmental "Picture" becomes clear!
   Jack ran for President Twice in the 1990's and so much more that we never heard about. I myself uncovered the facts about Hemp Fuel being superior to gasoline in every way and that it would only cost $200. to convert our cars to run on hemp fuel and that's just the beginning.
   WE should be paying .25 cents per Gallon of Fuel for Our cars and Growing the fuel itself, Greatly Helps Our Planet!!

    Courteous Cannabis says: Hemp Seeds are the single Healthiest Food on Earth and Also, the Best Lubricant on Earth, better than Petroleum, just Look at Henry Ford's 1941 Hemp Car !
     Fresh Plant flowers are the Healthiest substance/fruit or vegetable on Earth for Our Immune System. Hemp will Never get you high and regular pot will Never get you high when Eaten Fresh! What a Misled World!

youtube  =  https://youtu.be/DTHUEg4njPU

   Help Teach Sustainability & Quality of Life Improvements just by Wearing Your very own "Advocacy T-Shirt" with "PotMan & Courteous Cannabis"!
   Don't expect the "Media" to spread this info., they are the ones who keep US in the Dark. You too, can be part of this Global Effort for Education about the "Everything Plant"! Advocate by Educating truthful, helpful information to our "misled majority" which holds Back Society from Understanding!
   You Will Engage in conversation that IS potentially "Life Saving Information"!

Unite America with the Knowledge of the "Everything Plant"! We may Unite if Everyone KNEW what this Plant Can Do!  60,000+, Superior, Sustainable Improvements "IF" we Utilized it fully! ~ Courteous Cannabis says: "ALL for Hemp and Hemp for ALL"! The Truth about the "Everything Plant" will set US Free to Utilize it the way it's Supposed to!

   Pot Prohibition was never about "getting high", how could it, when no one has ever overdosed to death, it was about suppressing Natural Energy Solutions and protecting corporate interests While Destroying the Earth, all for their Profit!

   Destroying the Earth with Flawed, outdated: Toxic Energies, Fuels, Batteries, Foods, Textiles, Man Made Materials & Chemicals, ect. has Been OUTDATED FOR DECADES (almost a century).

   The US Government has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures Cancer better than any Western Medicine, there's no $ in it for them Educating Cancer Prevention.

   The Biggest industries Own the Media who Refuse to Tell the "Whole Truth", the Media has made "America the Problem" by keeping US very Under Educated and that Awareness would bring Collective "Positive" Change & Prevention creating biologic & environmental prosperity. 

Because the Media tells half truths (which are even more misleading), our majority HAS NO IDEA the most healthy & nutritious Food has been Demonized as "Marijuana"! Cannabis happens to be the Healthiest substance for All Mammals as well as being good for the Environment. UNFORTUNATELY, the Corruption keeps US in the Dark. 
   America is Supposed to set an Example for the World, from an outsiders view, USA is becoming an example of "greed & a broken system".
   "They Lied about everything, about the "Everything Plant"! Be Proud to Help your fellow man & planet.

   Remember to use responsibly. There is "No high" with Hemp. Consuming/eating processed Cannabis for people with No THC tolerance will make them feel very Sick for 4-7 hours. THCA is one of the Healthiest substances on Earth! Meanwhile, Eating it Fresh (THCA) does Not get you high, after aging or heated, the molecular structure Changes, turning it into "THC". Eating Fresh plants , no matter which, IS a thousand times Healthier for US.

   Utilizing Hemp is mandatory in any Sustainable civilization. Hemp is the ultimate choice for "almost everything" for US to live prosperously (especially over Time). You don't SEE the effects of non utilization, until it becomes Obvious, like in Todays TOXIC world. The Hemp revolution is very Slow to replace todays flawed ways. If the MAJORITY KNEW what it can do, then we would simply Change our infrastructure to accommodate it in almost Everything.

  The top replacements are Oil, Plastics & Foods. Our own government has reported that the Oil from hemp seeds makes the Worlds best Lubricant.
  Henry Ford not only showed US how to make Carbon Negative Fuels and Car Parts, he also made Plastics (used in his 1941 car) that were 10-12 times Stronger and Lighter than Steel! Imagine if this was used in Building Our Infrastructure (like it should have)!
   Fords plastics did Not have the Toxic petroleum additives that eventually decay and leech toxicity. Every piece of plastic ever made will / is becoming a toxic nightmare, it takes thousands of years to break down while also leeching its toxicity.

   Hemp not only replaces disposable water bottles, it can also make permanent windows & skylights.
Foods would contain Nutrients found nowhere else that would make US much Healthier over Time.

   Non utilization becomes obvious in todays world, the question is, when will we become Educated?
   Better Education is essential as the lack of information creates false beliefs and add to the negative perceptions.

Man has known about sustainable Hemp for thousands of years, so why did we get so Dumb since 1937?
A) because we trust the News.

     It was the backbone of every ancient civilization that prospered for hundreds and thousands of years Longer than the USA. So if humans utilized it throughout human history, why did we get so Dummb about the Everything plant "Cannabis"?
    The Answer: Because the majority of US trust the "News"! All 6 of the worlds News were bought by the worlds richest people. The News agencies are Owned by the same people that spend millions Lobbying Our political System to get thier way. They own (the majority) Our Perception.

    It's not the anchorman or newsperson who is to blame, but the top directors, editors or producers who decide what Content is valuable. Just like All our Politicians, they can be Paid off to keep Quiet. Lobbying is Legal Bribery and yet, for no good reason, WE put up with it! Only A Majority of Americans Make ANY REAL CHANGE

    There are hidden forces at work on Social Media. All you have to do is Talk with people to figure out that things are happening that never should! Some People are disgusted with the content and that's no accident. Online "Feelings" are totally twisted, yet match our own perceptions. Somehow manipulation of social media is Now at work.

    Starting fb in 2012, feeling like I had nothing to loose, I started PotMan on social media. After becoming Educated, everything Changed for me after realizing my own Percecptions were based on Lies!

    The Fact that my fb pages don't spread or get any attention at all, is completely Obvious when examining what's going on. Whomever is in charge of social media connections has been Paid off by the Biggest Industries Whom Also control all 6 of the biggest Media outlets (all News channels)! Critical Information that never sees the Light of day, is the Reason Why WE are so dysfunctional as a species.   
    When I Started Legalize Potman, I advertised & achieved 29 thousand fans on my fb page 9 years ago. Then I became Educated from similar page posts, I changed the name to Utilize Potman (because I was then,"Educated"). My fan numbers slowly drop, and this is Before the big Legalization movement 5 yrs. ago. My posts used to ''Reach" 12,000 fans, but in the past several years, my Awesome Artwork gets NO Reaches at all, or 2 or 3! That's an Obvious Rig!
    Social Media has turned into Social Suppression! History is always written by the most powerful.
    In Our world, the People are really the most powerful, we just don't know it, thanks to the richest people on Earth. 

    Majority Wins the game of Life, however, the majority (for the last 80+years) is in real trouble because of Lack of Knowledge, and it gets worse everyday. 

                     1969 Woodstock proves Pot is Safe for Society
 Woodstock - Bethal, NY August, 1969 - A 3 day concert event that Rocked the World! Can you even imagine half a million party-goers, with not enough; food, shelter, (no mobile phones back then) ect., and there was nothing but Peace & Love!
450,000 party goers & 9 out of 10 smoked pot , No violence was reported! 9 out of 10 people will NEVER become addicted to pot! - 9 out of 10 Americans do Not Believe it's the Solution Environmentally & Biologically! Let's get it Together - Help Enlighten Each Other about CannabiSustainability.

Why do We continually allow the Destruction of the Earth day after day?
     Answer : So the Biggest companies can make Big Profits with inferior (Toxic) products.
Urgent Information has been continually Suppressed about : Natural Energy Solutions ( N.E.S.) since the 1920's alcohol Prohibition!
     Pollution creates DISEASE! Pollution created by Multiple Flawed Energies, Fuels & man made Materials & Practices are Now the #1 Invisable Killer in the Form of "Disease" that pollution Creates.

      When corruption starts at the top, and makes the rules, then the population can't help being corrupt and dysfunctional. Utilizing Cannabis is the #1 solution for Sustainability in over 60,000 alternative Superior improvements to our flawed infrastructure/world.

      If only WE had heeded the Warning of Theodore Roosevelt; "not to allow legal bribery (lobbyists) to influence policies". This is why Everything is messed up! This is where gov. went WRONG.

      If only prohibition, greed and corruption didn't shut down Henry Ford & Nicola Tesla, the Earth would be NORML. Cannabis may provide non toxic; Energy, Fuels, Textiles, water Bottles, ect. while creating Prosperity & Hope! It is the Most Sustainable Infrastructure/building material that Restores Balance to the Earth in many ways.

      We could be Healthy enough to be more prosperous and productive by "using, growing and selling" to nearly ALL corporations like Ford Motors ( just like Henry envisioned).

      Increased population is not a problem if we could Stop using Up all the precious Natural Resources ans Using Flawed Energies & Fuels. For nearly everything, we should be "Utilizing" Cannabis, the Earths Most Sustainable, Productive, Useful, Medicinal, Beneficial ''Plant''!

      George Washington, (all USA forefathers), Jack Herer and PotMan & Courteous Cannabis have recognized, "it's Our salvation". The Everything Plant is meant for Sustainability, the Solution Environmentally & Biologically"! Embrace the Everything Plant. Imagine the Infinite Possibilities Utilizing Pot-man! fb= Utilize Potman

      Back in Henry Fords day, Half of US were Farmers,...unfortunately, that would have Interfered with "their" Future Profits!

      My ancient cartoon characters May Help Educated Citizens bring Quality of Life Improvements. In my lifetime, 50% of all government drug enforcement money, was spent on fighting Cannabis. It is very frustrating trying to Educate when my information is not being Seen or Valued. Hopeful, yet discouraged are daily feelings witnessing a misled Nation. Sadness that Turns to Optimism for Us All, because IT IS POSSIBLE to Improve the Quality of Every Life on Earth!
   If All fossil Fuel Energy was Replaced with Superior Energies from Cannabis, We could Turn the climate crisis around, and much More.

   To think that nearly all of Our planetary Destruction could have been Avoided IF History was Not Suppressed! Henry Fords Village which had 25,000 Americans running car & Farm engines on Hemp fuel and before 1937, hemp was used in over 25,000 different Products.
   We as a Nation would have Progressed from the Knowledge of his hemp Village, products and Car. The implications of this technology is the most profound for Intelligent Species Planetary Sustainability, even with "over-population" issues.
   Using up Earths Precious Natural Resources, when Cannabis would have done a Superior Job, IS THE ISSUE WE need to Change!

   Frustrating how History was manipulated so that People accross the world, know Nothing about "Cannabis Sustainability". The Future of Our Planet and People are at stake. This is incredibly Frustrating how this does Not make Front Page News! The Everything Plant is Not being Recognized for what "IT CAN DO" when Utilized in nearly Everything.

      There are 60,000 reasons why the corporations do Not want US using this Plant, the Most Useful Plant on Earth. Out of Earths 300,000 species & the millions of subspecies of plants, Cannabis is the #1 for quality of Life and Our Survival. We may save Our planet by Utilizing Cannabis/Hemp in over 60,000 products, including; fuels, energy source, food, nutritional supplements, textiles, paper, card-board, plastics, ect.

      All it would take to Ease my Frustration for our Divided States of America,..is some simple "Unity", ..it should be Easy IF properly Educatedout US.

~potman.US - For the Good Health of Tomorrow!

      No "One thing" could Help the EARTH as much as the "Cannabis Plant"!

We need to be Educated to be aware of the Truth to be able to UNITE! Peacefully.
Help PotMan & Courteous Cannabis bring Awareness thru Art!  ~ Wear&Share4Awareness! ~
Pills kill more people than ALL illicit drugs combined. Pill Dysfunction and Social Suffering is everywhere!
There's No Man-Made, Western "MEDICINE" that FITS our Bodies Natural Receptors as precisely as the "Cannabis Cannabinoid Molecular Structure ". Modern Medicine are mostly Pills, Chemicals that Our Bodies need to Recover from (aside from masking the original illness).
Nothing beats Cannabis both Biologically & Environmentally.

About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,