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HempCar US T

1941 Hemp Car T-Shirt

Q) Why were Diesel & Fords Technology Buried!? A) To Suppress N.E.S. Natural Energy Solutions!
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When I finally watched the Saturday CBS TV series "Henry Fords Innovation Nation", that featured his 1941 Hemp Car, ....They Lied! I still can't believe what I saw on TV after waiting & waiting for the Hemp Car Episode.

They Never mentioned HEMP, Not Once! Host, Mo Rocca, gave credit to the Soy-bean! He Never Mentions; Made from hemp and Runs on Hemp Fuel, or the Strength & Lightness, the Strongest soft Fiber on Earth, Half the Weight of other cars, or what about the Profound Environmental Implications! Fords 1941 car was the Greenest car on Earth! History is written by the biggest bank accounts and who also control the media! Utilize 60k superior ways instead of Destroying the Earth, just like Henry wanted.

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