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Potman's Neighborhood Cook Out

Potman's Neighborhood Cook Out

Pot is actually the Opposite of Dangerous & there is proof on every single subject.

Back in the early 1980's, I drew this art with a Bic ball point pen. In 1986 I copyrighted PotMan while attending Art School. How appropriate for the year "86"! I had no idea PotMan would ever "Represent" Truth and Justice!
Thanks to Social Media for spreading Facts, after more than 30 years of being Lied to and being fooled, it's finally time for PotMan!
PotMan and his little helper; Courteous Cannabis, are Here to Help. 60,000 reasons why I am a cannabis advocate, humanitarian and NOT a conspiracy theorist.


George Washington and the founding fathers were right, plant it everywhere!
150 years ago, half of all Americans were Farmers. Our "agricultural roots" have been cut! We have become dependent on grocery stores instead of local farms. Food industries depend on our money, Control the Food supply. Since pot prohibition, corruption continues to grow. Utilization will solve most of todays problems. Marijuana, the miraculous "Everything Plant", aka "Cannabis", may repair and save US AND Our Damaged Earth.
Benefits of Utilization include; Healthiest Food sources, best and most versatile Medicines, replace Energy needs, Replace Fuels, Far less Pollution, stronger Infrastructure, better building Materials, financial Prosperity, new Industries, Healthier & more productive People, healthier Planet, etc. 
Gov. & corporations, including big pharma, intensionally removed cannabis from the US pharmacopeia after prohibition in 1937. They cleared the way for "Chemical", rather than "Naturapathic" Medicine. 100 years ago, cancer and disease went from Killing 1 out of 20 America, to Todays rate of 1 out of 2! Unfortunetley, the cancer society still claims that cancer rates have been in decline in recent years.

The World Famous PotMan & Courteous Cannabis T-Shirts !
    It was the backbone of every ancient civilization that prospered for hundreds and thousands of years Longer than the USA. So if humans utilized it throughout human history, why did we get so Dummb about the Everything plant "Cannabis"?
    The Answer: Because the majority of US trust the "News"! All 6 of the worlds News were bought by the worlds richest people. The News agencies are Owned by the same people that spend millions Lobbying Our political System to get thier way. They own (the majority) Our Perception.

    It's not the anchorman or newsperson who is to blame, but the top directors, editors or producers who decide what Content is valuable. Just like All our Politicians, they can be Paid off to keep Quiet. Lobbying is Legal Bribery and yet, for no good reason, WE put up with it! Only A Majority of Americans Make ANY REAL CHANGE

    There are hidden forces at work on Social Media. All you have to do is Talk with people to figure out that things are happening that never should! Some People are disgusted with the content and that's no accident. Online "Feelings" are totally twisted, yet match our own perceptions. 
Starting fb in 2012, feeling like I had nothing to loose, and then becoming Educated, Changed Everything for me.
    The Fact that my fb pages don't spread or get any attention at all, is completely Obvious when examining what's going on. Whomever is in charge of social media connections has been Paid off by the Biggest Industries Whom Also control all 6 of the biggest Media outlets (all News channels)! Critical Information that never sees the Light of day, is the Reason Why WE are so dysfunctional as a species.   
    When I Started Legalize Potman, I advertised & achieved 29 thousand fans on my fb page 9 years ago. Then I became Educated from similar page posts, I changed the name to Utilize Potman (because I was then,"Educated"). My fan numbers slowly drop, and this is Before the big Legalization movement 5 yrs. ago. My posts used to ''Reach" 12,000 fans, but in the past several years, my Awesome Artwork gets NO Reaches at all, or 2 or 3! That's an Obvious Rig!
    Social Media has turned into Social Suppression! History is always written by the most powerful.
    In Our world, the People are really the most powerful, we just don't know it, thanks to the richest people on Earth. 

    Majority Wins the game of Life, however, the majority (for the last 80+years) is in real trouble because of Lack of Knowledge, and it gets worse everyday. 

Wear My Art-Dialog Will Start! & Help Teach Sustainability = Wear Your very own "Advocacy" T-Shirts of PotMan & Courteous Cannabis! Wear and Share Life Saving Information. 

Be part of this Humanitarian Effort for Educating about the Everything Plant!
You Engage in conversation that will potentially "Save Lives"! WearMyArt-DialogueWillStart! Educate truthful, helpful information to our "misled majority"! They Lied, Pot's Healthy!
The Truth about the "Everything Plant" will set US Free! Pot Prohibition was never about "getting high", how could it, when no one has ever overdosed to death! It was about suppressing natural energy solutions and protecting corporate interests! The US Government has known since 1974 that Cannabis cures Cancer better than any Western Medicine!

NaturalNews : Not only does the FDA refuse to test food toxins for safety, but they never test them in combination to find out how they may be damaging Americans' ability to think. Medical doctors go to college for at least eight years to study how different prescription medications can or cannot be combined, due to the dangers of blood toxicity or brain damage, but they never study food chemicals. In fact, they don't even study how food chemicals affect prescription drug chemicals. Go figure!

Some food chemicals are more dangerous than the chemicals found in medications and vaccines. Aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) are both genetically modified neurotoxins and should be classified as narcotics, but they're not. These food toxins cause brain fog, headaches, anxiety and depression, but MDs don't even mention them when prescribing dangerous SSRIs for anxiety and depression.

So, what happens when all of these toxins are consumed at the same time? Plenty of people take depression and/or anxiety medications, drink diet sodas, chew "sugar-free" gum and then eat conventional soups, chips and Chinese food that are often loaded with excitotoxins – a formula for health detriment, brain damage and serious side effects. Don't even start talking about sodium fluoride in tap water either, which lowers IQ and the ability to engage in cognitive considerations about toxic food and toxic medications.

What better way to keep a population weak, dumbed-down and subject to tyr
annical government? Hitler used fluoride in the water to drink so that his prisoners (Jewish concentration camps) would become weak and couldn't rebel. That's the same chemical put in America's municipal taps today.
It lowers IQ – as proven in multiple long-term research studies. Just ask Dr. Dean Burk.

The American "cannons" (core curriculum) in public schools hav
e all but eliminated critical thinking skills, discussions and essays, and replaced all testing with multiple choice, easy-to-grade, dumbed-down learning. Most schools teach rote memorization of distorted "facts" about history, the economy and even Western food and medicine. School served breakfasts and lunches are 95 percent GMO, processed, toxic foods. The CDC's mass inoculation scheme demands all children be injected with brain damaging neurotoxins.
What happens when you combine school food, toxic vaccines, flu shots, fluoride-loaded tap water and dangerous, chemical-based prescription medications? Nobody knows. It's never been tested. Probably won't ever be. What's the solution? How do we reclaim our brains and our children's brains? We filter all the toxins from our daily lives – that's how. Cannabis is Anti-Toxic and has been used to detoxify terminal pataints with surviving success.

---  Unite America with the Knowledge of the "Everything Plant"!  We may Unite if Everyone KNEW what this Plant Can Do!  Actually about 60,000 Superior, Sustainable Improvements IF we Utilized it immediately!
Refusing to Tell the "Whole Truth", the "Media" has made "America the Problem" by keeping US very Under Educated! 
Awareness would bring Collective "Positive" Change.
Destroying the Earth with Flawed, outdated: Toxic Energies, Fuels, Textiles, Man Made Materials & Chemicals, ect. has Been OUTDATED FOR DECADES (almost a century).
America is Supposed to set the Example, from an outsiders view, only an example of "greed & a broken system".  "They Lied about everything, about the "Everything Plant"!
Be Proud to Help PotMan & Courteous Cannabis, wear a T-shirt, button or hat! Educate here or on fb= Utilize Potman, PotMan, PotMan & Courteous Cannabis, CannabiSustainability, 420 Healthy Way,  Tao- n to Earth, ect. ~  Wear my Art, Dialog will Start! ~  Wear it & Talk About Pot! Our Future depends on it.

Please help show your support by Wearing my educational designs and spreading Truth & Awareness.

- PotMan & Courteous Cannabis

About Us

Frank Altomari, who at age 16, created PotMan & Courteous Cannabis cartoon super heroes in the early 1980's,